Adam B Embry
Adam Montano For my grandfather, Matthew Munes Martinez (WWII),  at Sunset Memorial and all Veterans.
Aimee Dejoy In honor of our dads, WWII Navy Veterans,  Charlie & Sam.  Thank you for your service.  Forever loved & missed.
Al & Elke Drayton
Al Kravitz
Alan G Fagerberg For:  my grandpa – Harold Werning, my grandpa – Charles Fagerberg & my great uncle – Joe Werning
Alan Hill
Alan Pattison
Albert Gonzales I would like a wreath put at my brother’s grave, Paul Glen Gonzales.  He was my hero!
Alecia Mathis
Aleta Campbell In memory of Loyal D. Campbell
Alexander C DeJager
Alice C Pressley In memory of Preston G Cook & Ronald W Pressley  Love you & miss you!
Alice M Albritton
Alice M La Madrid You gave your precious life for me.  I’m  so grateful!
Alicia A Greis In honor of my husband, Rudy Greis, a USAF retired officer who is buried at Evergreen Cemetery.
Alicia Avila
Alicia Curran Grateful to those who serve our country &  uphold our freedom. Never forgotten.
Alicia McDonnell In honor of my father Allan McDonnell.
Aline Coonrod For my dad, Bill DePaemelaere, & my uncle, Lou DePaemelaere, who are buried in Ft. Logan in Denver.
Alistair Stuart
Allan & Gail Chicon
Allan R Tormohlen In honor of Harold F Beirow & Orville P Johnson
Allen Castle
Allen L Germain
Allie Brinkley In memory of Frank & Alice Schuetz
Allison A Branigan We humbly remember you & your sacrifice for our freedom.  God Bless You & thank you.
Allison J Hill God Bless & thank you so much for your service to our country.
Alpha D Noel It’s an honor to donate a wreath for our veterans! Thank you to all vets for serving our country, USA!
Amanda Barnes
Amanda C Vigil In Honor of Felix Vigil
Amanda R Janson In honor of my grandfather Charles Joyner
Amber Cortez This is for my grandma & grandpa – Wilson
Amelia Kronser-Cole We honor you for your service!
American Furniture Warehouse
Amy Beckman
Amy Gorton
Amy Propp
Amy Sanford Never forget.
Amy Tryon This is placed for my father, Bobby Gene Clemons, who served in the Korean War.
Amy Weed In memory of Wanda M Hatfield & Robert E. Hatfield. We love & miss you, Wanda & Bob!  Love, Amy & Sabin
Anastasia I Stehno In loving memory of Major Herbert E Welling
Andrea Clem Thank you for your service!
Andrea Reu
Andrew J Apodaca
Andrew Kay God bless all that make this possible. Honoring all veterans that are no longer with us.
Andrew Work In deep gratitude for your service
Andy & Tracey Jackson
Andy & Tracey Jackson
Angel Anderson Thank you for you service.
Angela M Nitz
Angela Otis
Angela Roggie God Bless
Anita Bemis
Anita Shotkoski God Bless you all – Thank you for your Service!
Ann Anderson
Ann Espinola
Ann G Keith
Ann Lopez For Daniel Burguete, Rudy Gonzales  and all Veterans who have no family to remember them.
Ann M Jagow
Ann M Smith Merry Christmas, Dad… Robert T. Smith.
Ann Reddin
Anna Murphy
Anne & Mark Seglem
Anne Baalman
Anne Fuentes
Anne L Hergert In honor of my Father “Frank O’Lone”  World War II
Anne L Walton
Anne M Sutherland Thank you Dad, Jesse, brother , R.G. , & to all the men & women who have so bravely served our country.
Anne Siders In honor of Mark H Underhill and James Robert Smith
Annemarie Tentenbrunhart In memory of Col. Roy Brunhart
Annette M Burton
Annette M Hensley In honor of my father, Richard Wolownik (USN World War II), & my grandfather, Alfred Novachek (USN World War I)
Annette M. Page
Anthony J Passafume
Antoinette & Ernest Post
Antonio C Brown To my brothers & sisters in arms. Rest in peace.
April Dieckman
April Mosser
Archie A Jaramillo
Arlene Nozari In honor of your service
Arlene Reppenhagen In memory of C Reppenhagen
Arthur Cordova
Ashley Demander
Ashley Rice
Audra Shriver In honor of Mamie Ruth Shriver
Audrey DiManna God Bless.
Audrey Ko
Audrey S McCoy In memory of Elwood H. Henderson
Bambi Olsen Thanks to the volunteers that make this happen every year, I am able to wish my Grandfather a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Birthday.
Barb Ruby Our deepest Thank You to all those who have served.
Barbara A Amberg In honor of John W. Amberg
Barbara E Hunt
Barbara French
Barbara J Dorsey
Barbara J Morgan
Barbara J Oshman Rest in peace, our beloved Bob and Lin. You are forever loved and missed.
Barbara L Alexander
Barbara L Bolsinger May God Bless You All.
Barbara S Kehoe In honor of Maj Ruth Kehoe, USMCIn memory of MWD Dany, USMC K9
Barbara Wolfe
Barbee W Lux In memory of Lt Col Robert McGinnis & Beverly A Hicks
Barbra J Hannon In memory of Keith M Hannon. Thank you everyone who  made this honor of our loved ones happen!
Barry L Rogers We pray for our loved ones & are blessed by this memorial.
Barry Land Merry Christmas Veteran families!
Barry R McClure In Memory of President George Herbert Walker Bush.  Rest in Peace, Mr. President.
Becca Jordan Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our freedom. It doesn’t go unnoticed. God Bless.
Beckie Monie
Becky Casper
Belinda Collins
Belinda J Hammer God Bless America & her Veterans!
Bernadine L Christian
Bernice P Erwin
Bess Brookman Thank You for serving our country.
Beth A Boten
Beth A Fahlstedt In honor of Alfred A Fahlstedt
Beth Kern Thank you for honoring those who have passed.
Beth Monks
Betsy Tauer In honor of my Dad, Frank Job, & all who served.
Betty J Sorenson In honor of my father Gordon Arneberg-Purple Heart WWII
Betty J Totten
Betty M Pederson In memory of Robert O Pederson
Betty Thomas In honor of my father Robert H. Moeller
Beverly A Carlson
Beverly A Dragoo In honor of my father(Col. Rolland M Knobbs, ) and my son (Pvt Cline H. Dragoo,III,)
Beverly E Carson In memory of Major Robert M. Bicksler
Beverly Henderson
Beverly J Horn
Beverly Keffer
Beverly S Anderes In honor of my father,  Master Sargent William L. Hagin.
Bill C Hessel Honoring my father & mother & making Ft. Logan beautiful for the 2018 Christmas Season.
Bill McPherson Home of the Free, Because of the Brave!
Billie Thorpe
Blake Hamann
Blazer Electric Supply Fund of Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Blessed to be a son & daughter of veterans. Thank you for your service. God bless.
Bob & Kathy Zachman In memory of Ginger and Joe Brennan
Bob & Val Ferguson In memory of your sacrifice & service to our country.
Bob Belich
Bob DeRosia Thank you for your service. You will always be remembered.
Bob Hillyer
Bobbi Lavoie To Bob & his fellow veterans. We thank you for your service, and wish you a bright and beautiful holiday season.
Bobbi Lavoie A gift of thanks to Uncle Clint & a few other service men and women. Wishing your families a bright and beautiful holiday season.
Bonee S Barecki From a very grateful citizen of the USA
Bonnie Benedetti
Bonnie Hoskins In memory of Robert L. Hoskins & Anthony M. Polnick
Bonnie J Harvey In honor of my dad, Harvey G. Erickson, World War II
Bonnie J Stanford In memory of Raymond John Scott
Bonnie Schneider
Bowman Miller I hope that someday this will result in a wreath for Thomas Bruce Dean, WWI, Balloon Corps
Bradley M James
Brandi Smith
Brenda Bunney Gone, but never forgotten
Brenda Escalante
Brenda Kochevar
Brenda L Salinas
Brenda L Storey Please accept our donation to provide for wreaths for those brave men & women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. God bless
Brenda M Hanson
Brenda R Martinez Thank you for your sacrifices to this great country. May God bless you eternally.
Brenda Storey Such a good cause, we decided to donate additional funds, so that 100 wreaths total are able to be laid. God bless our armed forces.
Brenda Umphress We appreciate your sacrifice.
Brendan Jones Thank you for your service to all our fallen heros!
Brent Whalen In memory of Rodrick P Whalen & Garland G Whalen
Brian L Nguyen
Brian McCormack
Brian Olson Duty, Honor, Country. Never Forget.
Brian Vockel In loving memory our loving brother, Alexander Ross LeMarr, & all the veterans past and present.  We are forever indebted & grateful!
Brian W Willie In honor of Grandpa, Popper and an Unkown Soilder, may we never forget you.
Brianna Langren
Bridget Duncan In memory of Ivan and Margaret Duncan
Bridget Keefe You’ll never be forgotten! Merry Christmas.
Brie Aguila We are forever grateful for the service of all of our military. Thank you will never be enough.
Brittany & Alyssa L Fenn
Bruce & Lynn May
Bruce D Medina In loving memory of my brother, Richard Roman Medina.  Thank you to all who have served to keep us safe. God Bless You.
Bruce Feldkamp In Memory of Ginger Brennan
Bruce Goodwin
Bruce K Hall I found out about this program on the local Colorado Springs TV stations and like to honor my fellow vets.
Bruce P Dowdy Thank you for your service.
Bryan C Tankersley A small way of giving back to our Veterans who served & gave their lives protecting our Country.  May you rest in peace.  Merry Christmas!
Buddy P Catron
Candace Harmon
Candace M Riden
Caren Lacy Thank you for your service!
Cari Haag For all of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
Carl Artaz Always in our hearts. Thank you for your service. Blessings to all.
Carl S Averett Honor those who served.
Carleen A Bowman In memory of Carl C. Bosselman, Ronald D, Bowman & Harold Bosselman
Carlotta J Barnes In honor of my mom, Jeanne Portella, buried at Ft Logan
Carluccio A Viscera LeGrand
Carmen T Menendez We will never forget.
Carol A Akers A small token of my appreciation for your service.
Carol A Konopasek
Carol C Thomas-Barclay God Bless You!
Carol Fenster
Carol Gallagher These wreaths are donated in Ginger Brennan’s honor. We will miss her.
Carol H Nielsen
Carol Handshue In honor of James Maher & Clarence Kauffman
Carol L Tennant In memory of Sgt Russell L.Tennant
Carol Markus
Carol R Olson
Carol T Trujillo Both our Dads were Army  veterans  and our nephew a Marine veteran. Merry Christmas to all veterans!!
Carole A Gordon
Carole I Gaulrapp Thank you for you service.
Caroline A Schaffer
Caroll Allman
Carolyn A Hiebert
Carolyn Bates In Honor of Ricky A Bates, Sp6, – Army – Vietnam Veteran
Carolyn J Miller
Carolyn J Solseth
Carolyn Keliiholokai Thank you all for your service!
Carolyn McKay
Carolyn Newcomer
Carolyn Richard
Carolyn S Ramsay
Carolyn Sayler In loving memory of Dennis B. Sayler
Carrie Lau In memory of  Heinz Mast and George Lau.
Carrie Leland
Carrie Warren
Casey Schilling
Cassandra Evans
Cassidi Parker Thank you for your service. God Bless!
Catherine Adian Thank you for your Service.
Catherine Chiapuso Remembering you at this Christmas Season. Thank you for your service.
Catherine Gaber
Catherine Grengs In gratitude for all who have served
Catherine L Vegvary You are not forgotten.
Catherine L Walter In memory of John H Walter
Catherine L Wild
Catherine Luna
Catherine Mcgrady
Catherine Reum
Catherine Trujillo In memory of Donaciano Garcia & Alex G. Trujillo at Fort Logan Cemetary
Cathy A Medina
Cathy J Larson In honor of my father, Robert McMahon, who served in Korea.
Cathy Kennedy
Cathy L Young Thank you for your service.
Cathy Petersen
Catrina J Stratton In loving memory of my daddy. Floyd J Stratton, who is buried at Ft Logan
Cecilia Curtis Thank you for our gift of freedom.
Cele & Paul Bergstrom God bless you & thank you for your service.
Chad J Perlin Merry Christmas this season Dad. Love you.
Chainrai Waney Merry Christmas
Chance Isaac Thank you kindly to all the Veteran’s & their Families!  May God Bless you all during this Holiday Season and and all the Days of Your Lives
Charlene Burch Let’s remember those who have gone on before us & thank God that such men lived.With respect honor and gratitude…
Charlene E Bartuska
Charlene Francis
Charlene Francis
Charlene Hastings
Charles & Rolene Kostecka
Charles D Howell I am proud to donate and thankful for our veterans  and their service to Colorado and the nation.
Charles E Osborne
Charles G Sears In memory of Jck M & Evelyn Sears
Charles Melocco
Charles Myers
Charles P Zimkas
Charles Pickles
Charles R Gilbert Thank you for your Sacrifice!
Charles Steen My thanks to you & those who loved you.
Charles W Burns Thank you for your service & sacrifice.
Charlotte A Hill Merry Christmas Mom & Dad Hawkins
Charlotte Irlando In honor of William Irlando, John Couch & Dean Schulz
Charlotte R Peters Everyone needs to respond.
Cheri Bichon
Cherie Borer
Cherie S Duffy Thank you for your service and sacrifices.
Cheryl A Ince In honor of Edwin Neil McKittrick. We miss you!
Cheryl D Horton To my loving Dad & my forever hero, Edward T. Nelson .  You will never be forgotten.
Cheryl D Sims Thank you for your service.
Cheryl Dobbs
Cheryl Hohloch God Bless all who served & still serve!  God Bless my dad, Clarence E. Peterson, a Marine veteran who lies at Ft Logan Cemetery.
Cheryl L St. John In honor of my dad, Joseph J. Kamby, who served in the Korean War. We miss love you and miss you!
Cheryl Painter
Cheryl Stevens Thank you to all that have served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom giving us ability to share the holidays with those we love
Cheryl Trefz
Cheryle L Ruland
Chester B Ringler Thank you !!!
Chris & Christine Kiefer
Chris Arndt
Chris Arndt
Chris Coley
Chris Fink We are both US Navy veterans.
Chris Williams In honor of Mrs. Joe Brennan
Christa M Taylor We thank you very much
Christina Romero In honor of my father,  Anthony Zuvich
Christine Cardinell In honor of my brother Gerald Pytko and my nephew Aaron Pytko
Christine M Snelling
Christine McGinnis In loving memory of Jeremy Gilbert
Christine Ressler
Christine Stribley
Christopher Cook
Christopher E Bean Honoring Our Fallen Warriors.
Christopher K Bennett In memory & honor of Keith E Bennett (Air Force), Jack I Bennett (Army), & Edward M Neylon Navy
Christopher P Oberle In memory of Carl G. Oberle
Christopher Roby In honor of my father, Monty Wadle, buried at Fort Logan & all veterans who have lost their lives.
Christopher Soltysik In honor of Col Malcom Lindsay
Cierra Liles Free because of the brave!
Cindy Colburn Thank you all who have served!
Cindy Hertz
Cindy K Liles
Cindy M Bailey We thank every veteran for their unselfish service to our country.
Cindy Tucker
CJ Earhart
Claire Schmidt
Claire Standard In memory of Gary L. Standard
Clara D Cutforth Charles W. Cutforth & Stanley E. Cutforth
Clarence Bowen To all who have proudly served
Clarence Jenkins Thank You for your service & your love of America.
Clarice E Jenson
Claude H Buehrle
Claudette M Ferris My two wreaths are to honor my late husband, GEORGE W. FERRIS, & my late father,  ANDREW JOHN DUBOIS.
Claudia K Cummins
Claudia L Barteck
Clay & Dorothy Hill
Cliff Johnson To honor my brother, Don, who served in the Korean War & my cousin, Art Heinlein, who served in WWII in Italy.  RIP
Clifford B Tokarski
Cody J Wheelersburg In honor of A.A. Belyea, Jr. & John Joseph Wheelersburg
Cody Shultz Thank you.
Cole Harter
Colette J Annas
Colleen Taylor
Connie Davidson
Connie E Gregory Thank you for your service.
Connie Knight Miss you Dad!
Connie Morgan
Connie Vaughn
Connie Vidales God Bless our veterans & God Bless America.
Conrad Widman
Constance M Ross
Cora D Whiting I will never forget you!  You were the finest man I ever met.
Cori Peterson
Craig & Anastasia Lockwood
Craig & Elaine Butterfield
Craig & Holly Earhart In Loving Memory of Ginger Brennan.
Craig A Wisniewski
Craig Butterfield
Crystal Arndt
Curtis R Jones In memory of Billy R. Duncan. Thank you all for your service.
Cynthia & Bruce Bachleder
Cynthia B Rundstrom
Cynthia J Spiker In honor of our brothers, uncles & all men & women who have served our country.  Thank you for your service.
Cynthia L Newton
Cynthia L Sandgren In memory of Anna M VanValkenburg
Cynthia P Lujan Thank you for your sacrifice!!
Cynthia R French
Cynthia Scarpa Thank you for your service.
Cynthia Woodhouse
Cynthia Zisumbo In honor of my dad who served in WWII & for all the women and men who fight for our freedom.
Dad-thank you for your service!!
Dale & Terry Sluzewski God Bless all who gave their lives. ??
Dale C Nichols
Dale C Nichols
Dale F Baird, Jr. America is Great thanks to You…our American HERO.
Dale M Gallagher
Dale W Van Aelstyn Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our USA.
Daleen Lauria
Dan & Diane Jubala
Dan R Elfring Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and service to our country.
Dana Darien Thank you for your service.
Dana Greene
Dana L Meacham God Bless all the veterans. Your sacrifice and honor of country will not be forgotten.
Dana M Rivera In honor of Charles Peterson & Edwin Hofferbert
Danelle C Leggett In loving memory of my Grandfather Harold Leggett
Danelle C Leggett In loving memory of Grand Daddy Leggett & Grandma Doris
Daniel Burich
Daniel Canal For all the veterans, thank you. Semper Fi.
Daniel Chermok Never Forget.
Daniel D Woodard For Dad & FIL proud Marine, Ed Whitfield. Also for Grandpa Tom Wangen, proud Airman & wife, Irene. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Daniel Duffy
Daniel G Duffy Thank you for your service.
Daniel J Denney
Daniel Kerbs
Daniel Kimball Honoring Robert E. Kimball
Daniel L Hensley In honor of my father, John L. Hensley( USN Korea)  & my grandfather, Charles F.  Carlen (USN World War II).
Daniel Leszczynski
Daniel P Augustenborg In honor of my father Ernest Lee Augustenborg who serve his country proudly.
Daniel Sullivan
Danielle Becker
Danielle Parson Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! We love you Marylee & Siver Grothe
Dara Bossio
Darleen Safford
Darlene M Milbradt In memory of Thomas Milbradt, Margery (Milbradt) Hoag & Ronald Perkinsone
Darline Dunston
Darlynne A Sandstead
Darrell Sackrider
Darrell T Clifton Never Forget.
Darren Swanson Fred H. Swanson, 02/29/1932
Darryl Foster
Daryl Shoop
Dave Frisch
David & Angi M Bartine
David A Johnson Grandpa Abbott (WWI),  Uncles Jim and Bob Abbott (WWII) &father in law, Art  Indermuele “Indy” (WWII)
David A Pecoraro To my buddy, John Toner
David A Woosley
David Achterberg In memory of Gayle E. Achterberg & Jackie D. Terry
David Brower As a Vietnam Vet it is my honor to participate in this most special opportunity.
David C Rand Thank You For Your Military Service to Our Nation.
David D Lausten
David F Bartelt
David F. Bolser
David Fabiano
David Giesen n Behalf of: = John and.Mary Lou Giesen
David Haraway
David Hein For Dean, No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends — John 15.13
David L  Sonnenberg
David L Flynn
David L Parmley In honor of all those who have served & are currently serving in our family.
David Levy In memory of Paul R. Correll. Thanks to you & all brave Americans for your service.
David M Alexander From my family to Honor those that served to protect our Freedom. God Bless each of you.
David M Chavez
David M Enyart For all our fallen brothers & sisters in arms
David Mallette
David Petros
David Pinnt God Bless those who served.
David R Snyder Never Forget, they gave their ALL!  GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!!
David Schrader
David Spruill For Dad…
Benton M Spruill
David Wachter
David Zachmann
David Zarsky
Dawn L Beagle May you all sleep well and thank you for your service!
Dawn Lowry
Dawn M Kugler
Dawn Miller Thank you for your service ❤
Dawna R Tuma With love & thanks for my deceased husband, Lonnie Tuma (Linn Grove) & my dad, Butch Brunner (Sunset Memorial)
Dean Nelson
Deanna Lavoie God Bless America
Deb S Roth In memory or Steve Chamberlain, Korean War Veteran
Debbie Burnett
Debbie D Sinclair
Debbie Ezo God bless each & everyone of you!
Debbie Harding
Deborah B Castelli
Deborah Cullen We recently attended a military service at Fort Logan & wanted to give back.
Deborah D Hicks
Deborah H Cross
Deborah J Garner In honor of my parents & my father-in-law buried at Fort Logan.
Deborah L Davidson Thank you for your service.
Deborah L Ogden To honor my father Frank Bugino who fought for this country in WWII.. You will always be in my heart.
Deborah Leljedal
Deborah West In memory of my beloved papa, Forest Robert Bradley, World War II Veteran
Debra A Drummond Thank You for your service. I will never forget what you did for our freedom.
Debra A Flores
Debra Bacor We do not take lightly the sacrifices made for this country.  Rest in peace.
Debra DiCianno
Debra Fillion Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Debra Giseburt In memory of Adam Garcia. For our loving dad, grandfather & husband.  He is greatly loved & missed.
Debra Proctor
Debra Pruslin In honor of my father’s service in WWII.
Debra Quick My grandpa, AT Cherry, is layed to rest . Thank you for your service.  I love you & miss you….our granddaughter
Debra Stanberry God Bless.
Debra White
Deedee Hooker We honor your service!
DeEtta Walker
Deidra Reuterskiold
Denise Hall
Denise L Mowder
Denise M Barnes
Denise Ruscetta
Dennis C Husk May you forever be honored.
Dennis E Edwards In honor of Guy Petroziello, Sgt. in Air Force, our beloved brother & uncle.
Dennis Hunter
Dennis J Bertolino
Dennis Kurtz
Dennis Pinkstaff
Dennis Smith Thanks for serving this great country.
Derald L Shaw
Deseree Jones Thank you for your service. God Bless.
Desiree A Medina
Diana Brooks God Bless America.
Diana Fox Thank you for your commitment.
Diana Gomez
Diana L Miller To honor your service.
Diana L Miller Thank you for your service.
Diana L Samek My dad was in WWII and Korea…he’s buried in CA. Since I am here, this is a way to honor him as well. Great Spirit Bless all of you.
Diana S Fox For my father who served with honor and pride and for my mother who supported him. Honoring all those who have served.
Diana Schneider In memory of Uncle Duane Stange
Diane Bisson God Bless & honor those that fought for our freedom.
Diane Brostuen
Diane E Romoth
Diane J French In honor of my deceased husband, Terry, a Vietnam Vet
Diane Norman
Diane V Moy
Dianna Schaible
Dianne Heaton
Dianne Heinlen In honor of John Fortner & Dale A Burgess
Dianne K Morton Thank you for your sacrifice!
Dianne Magnifico In honor of Louis Vincent Magnifico Sr. & Louis Vincent Magnifico Jr.
Dierdre Cook To honor all who have served. And to my dad and his brothers…we won’t forget
Dina J Summitt
Dominic Mazza
Don & Mollie Cronkhite Thank you for your Service, Dedication and Sacrifice.
Don Beck In honor of my Dad, Uncle Dwight, Uncle Dan & Uncle Marshall.
Don Belford
Don Chisum For my two Navy brothers, Harold & Bill
Don Fredinburg Thank you Veterans from Don & Marilyn
Don Toller
Don W Blomquist
Donald & Marilyn Craigie
Donald J Matti
Donald L Bonenberger You served your country well! God bless!
Donald L Gray In memory of Jack A. Gray & Russell F. Ford
Donald Toller
Donna & Rick Dietrich God bless you all and thank you for protecting us
Donna A Bell In honor & memory of my daddy. I miss you & love you. Your daughter, Donna
Donna Dohrman
Donna Donley Soronen, Donley & Patterson, CPA,PC
Donna Espinosa In memory of my dad, Daniel Gordon
Donna Hite In honor of my dad, George Sack
Donna Kunz In honor of my husband, father, and others who gave their service to our country.
Donna L Cavnar In memory of Ginger Brennan
Donna M Weber In memory  of Richard J. Weber
Donna R Bell In honor of Elmer H. Rydlund and John Wysowatcky
Donnie A Kauger
Donnie Burgess Lest We Never Forget
Doreen Gunning
Doreen Natalewicz
Dori Kavorkian Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country. God bless you & your family.
Dorinda K Van Lone
Dorinda K Van Lone
Doris A Mantos TENS Unlimited Inc. is a Durable Medical Equipment provider for Tricare patients & would like to give back to Veterans for their service.
Dorothy Brewington Thank you for your service.
Dorothy Elston
Dorothy J Brewington Thank you for your service.
Doug Anderson
Doug Newton What you gave & left behind is never forgotten.
Douglas D DeGree
Douglas Duran In memory ofApolinario  Valerio 9/30/1895
Douglas J Baloun
Douglas Larson
Douglas M Brown In honor of my father, A. R. Brown, resting at Ft. Logan, & all our veterans
Duke Thompson Thank you to the brave men and women who gave so much.
Dustin Cox I donated to honor my grandfather & his service to our country. This will be our first Christmas without him & this is my gift to him. In memory of
Pirl O. Packer.
Dwight Haverkorn Thank you for your service.
Earl & Gail Sherwin From one veteran to another, rest in peace. Thank you for your service. God Bless.
Earl & Victoria Lehrer
Earl, Donna & Sara  DeGroot In memory of our father and grandfather, Edward C. Griffin (05/15/1920) & all those who gave their life in service to our country
Earl, Donna, Sara & Sam DeGroot In memory of our father and grandfather Ernest DeGroot who is honorably laid to rest in Jamestown, ND
Ed & Sue Cliatt
Eddie Munoz
Edie Abeyta Thank you for severing our Nation!
Edith Davenport
Edmund O Wall God bless them all.
Edna Mae Ulmer
Edward & Helen Griffin  In memory of our fathers, Edward C. Griffin and Ernest E. O’Connor
Edward Barrett
Edward M Oconnell Thanks for their service.
Eileen Shovlin In memory of Joseph P. Shovlin & Hugh Smith. Thank you for your service & we love you always.
Elaine Bevel
Elaine Thoe
Elena Beehler In honor of my father, Richard Hall, USN, Ret, who we lost on Veteran’s Day 2018
Elisabeth A Sahno From a Veteran Spouse:  I’m so proud of all of you.  Thank you for your service & Merry Christmas!
Elisabeth Lane
Elizabeth A Apt
Elizabeth A Curry
Elizabeth A Turner I have the best neighbors in the world & so I’d like to donate on their behalf.  God bless.
Elizabeth Chatterton In honor of my family members past and present serving our country – thank you and God bless.
Elizabeth Kaufhold With deep gratitude, thank you for your sacrifice and service.
Elizabeth L Vlascity Happy Holidays
Elizabeth Mahoney In loving memory of James M. Mahoney & Gerald S. Hill
Elizabeth Risen
Elizabeth W Drbal We live free because of you – THANK YOU.
Elizabeth Waller In honor of Courtney Sterk from his family who misses him every day.
Ellyn Gebhardt
Elsie E Hargrive
Emily L Hennings
Emily P Jacobsen Thank you for your service.
Emily Richardson
Emily T Rasi
Emma Gasiorowski In memory of David T Cook & Kenneth H Gasiorowski
Eric Allen
Eric Emde Your service & sacrifice can never be fully appreciated. Rest in peace with the appreciation of a greatful nation.
Eric Fry
Eric G Allred
Erica Hardcastle For my daddy, Neil L. Stephenson
Erik Davidson
Erin Whelan We will forever be grateful, & will always remember the men & women who served to keep our country free.
Ernest Foerster We thank you for your service!
Ernesto Gonzalez
Ethan Wilson
Ethel Butz In honor of Herbert Butz
Eugene Gizzi In honor of my Dad, Eugene A. Gizzi Sr. and those like him who served the country and the world  during WW2
Evelyn Carl My father was a Marine in World War ll
Evelyn V Stokes
Faye & Bill Buffington
Faye M Finkelstein
Felix L Deschane To honor my father (Korea) and my sweetheart (Balkins conflict). I miss you both.
Ferrin Decker In honor of Bobby Joe Benge, Thomas Phillips & Vernon Decker
Fonda Scoggins Never Forget.
For Ms Narvet, Garriott; Mr Larimer, Reilly, Seeman; Drs Rahaman, Ramey, Campbell, Leensvaart, Andrews, Robinson, Cullen, DeSantis, Blonder
For my Grandad, Frank, Dad, Jake,  my uncles, Bill & Frank & my father-In-law, Helmut Simon.  Thank you all for your service.
Frances Palmisano
Frank & Janet Thompson Every veteran should have a wreath covering his/her grave after what they have done for our country.
Frank Cifrese In honor of my Dad & all those that fought for us
Frank DiPippa Thank you for your service for this great nation that we cherish.  May you Rest In Peace with God’s love.
Frank Morrison In memory of Frank Morrison Sr.
Frank P Prager In honor of Tom Robb
Frank R Ortega
Fred & Sally Wolf
Fred Wild
Frederick H Koch In memory of Joseph Castillo
Fredrick W Steffers
From a grateful  citizen.  God Bless.
From one veteran to another, Thank You For Your Service.
G. William Raynor God bless all our service men & women, always in our hearts & prayers. We love you, Pop & Princess!
Gabriel Amaro on Behalf of: = Rochelle Amaro
Gabriela Carbajal-Toledo
Gabriella Brennan In loving memory of Ginger “Mimi” Brennan
Gail D Carrick It is my honor to do this.
Gail L Kamlay In memory of Charles Whitney Richardson & Barbara l. Richardson. Brave Beyon Belief. Thank You For Your Service.
Gail M Davidson
Gail Shellberg
Gary & Barbara Turley
Gary A Smith
Gary D Jones It is an honor for us to make this donation on behalf of our Veterans.
Gary Hamilton May these men & women who provided the ultimate sacrifice for our nation never be forgotten.
Gary J Fulton This is such an honor to be able to do this for the men and women that have sacrificed everything for us.
Gary J Gale In memory…Dale Adelgren
Gary J Kraudelt
Gary Potts Thank you for your service.
Gary Walter God bless our Veterans.
Gayla J Horn From loving daughter of Rudolph E Hoff.
Gayle E Miller
Gayle Micca
Gayle Udall Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your sacrifice.
Gene R Van Vleet
Georganne Sartori
George & Connie Majors
George & Janine L Liscic
George Coen
Georgia Alcorn
Gerald & Dolores Janis
Gerald Gunning God Bless You  and  Thank You for your service!
Gerald J Jones
Gerald W Reese In honor those who served.
Geri F Reffel To all the military service men and women who gave given the ultimate sacrifice. THANK YOU   also to honor my father Sargent Thomas Walsh #1
Gina Crespin In honor of my dad, Ralph Benfante.  He is an  Air Force veteran & he was also a career law enforcement officer.
Ginger L Mestas
Gladys Zajicek We  honor YOU  all  who  have  served.
Gloria A Beilke In Honor & Memory of Wallace Beilke
Gloria J McBroom In memory of Samuel Jojola
Gloria Makarevich
Gloria Vice In memory of my dear parents, Ray and Wilma Anderson, Fort Logan.
God Bless & thank you for all you’ve done to keep us safe.
God Bless & Thank You for Your Service.
God Bless all who have served.
God bless each & every veteran always & forever.
God bless each and every one of our beloved solders
God Bless our Veterans.
God bless those who came before & paved the way for us today.
God Bless you and your families service and sacrifice
God Bless You.
God bless.
Gordon Beck
Gordon R Denison
Grant B Von Letkemann II In memory of Grant B. Von Letkemann, Seigfried A. Von Letkemann & Adelle Letkemann, 01/05/1911 BURIED AT: SECTION S SITE 4469
Greg D Dinwiddie Thank you for your service!
Greg D Miranda Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13
Greg H Reiff In memory of Kyong Su Maurer
Greg Mohrman For my Grandfather, a WWII veteran, who battled cancer until Nov 16, 2018.
Greg Olson
Gregg Milius In honor of the greatest generation
Gregory Glissmann
Gregory P Osborn In honor of those that served our country.
Gregory Westlake FOR Edward L. Westlake, Albert F. Westlake & Albert F. Westlake, Jr.
Greta Horner With love for my father and mother: Robert N. Gifford USAF & Enni P. Gifford his wife
Greta Horner With love for my father and mother: Robert N. Gifford USAF and Enni P. Gifford his wife
Guy & Susan Thoms
Gwen Troxell
Hal & Lynn West We are grateful for your sacrifice.
Hal Sherrick
Hana Sayeed
Hank & Wanda Vidal
Harold Mercer Semper Fidelis
Harold Verseman
Harriet E. Toof
Harvi Callaham In honor of our brave heros
Heather Costes In honor of my dad & grandfathers
Heather D John
Heather D Kelsen In honor of my dad & all the others who served.
Heather G Johnson Eternal respect & gratitude!
Heather L Horton
Heather Toms Thank you for your service! God bless you forever!
Heidi Lopez
Helen Beilke This is a wonderful way to remember our loved ones & honor the service they gave. God Bless America!
Helen S Geraci Thank you for your service.
Henry E Davis, Jr. We should never forget our veterans.  God Bless Them.
Henry Silva Thank you for your service & sacrifice for our freedom.
Hepp Sprinkler Company
Herbert W Loftis
Herschell A Lambertson In memory of James Leo Lambertson
Hilde A Palmer
Honoring you for your sacrifice to ensure our freedom.
Howard & Roberta Arentzoff
Howard Johnson
I am so pleased to be able to honor you and your service.
I donated because I don’t ever want their lives to be forgotten for giving the ultimate sacrifice.
In gratitude for your service to our country
In honor of “Daddy”
In honor of Jo & Gary Roberts
In honor of my father and father-in-law who tirelessly gave of themselves to keep America safe
In honor of my father, uncles & all the others who have sacrificed for our freedom.
In honor of my father, whom like you, was a wonderful veteran & deserving of America’s love. Thank you for your service to America
In honor of my good friend’s husband & best friend, David G Burdick
In honor of our grandfathers -George, Pete & Sonny & everyone else who has served. God Bless.
In loving memory of Richard Cox,  and  honoring VVA Chapter 1071
In memory of James W Irving III &
James W Irving Jr.
In memory of John C. and Audrey M. Hawley.
In memory of Mel E. Boehner & Margaret R. Boehner
In memory of Neil W Robinson
In Memory of Nicholas N Guerriero
In memory of our fathers, Daniel DiVittorio and Robert Martin, who were both veterans of WWII
In memory of Richard G. Sarten, Lloyd R. Pascal & Gordon T. Rankin
In memory of Stanley G, Benner & Mary Ellen Benner Merry Christmas Mama and PapaYour Loving Family
In memory of Stanley L Roberts
In memory of William L Kelly
Irene Martinez In memory of Gilbert R Garcia CPL US Army Korea with love and graditude
Irma N Parham
Irwin R Chapman
It is a complete honor for us to contribute.
Ivy Liu
J.W. & P.B. Decker
Jack & Jan McConnell Thank you for keeping our country safe.
Jack Cobb
Jack D Naus For both my father, step-Father and 2 uncles (WWII Vets), also for all those that gave all.
Jack W Lamb
Jackie Goetschius God Bless all American Servicemen & Servicewomen.
Jackie L Lorentzson In memory of my dad (WW2,  my Husband (Korea & Viet Nam) & my brother (Viet Nam). Many family & friends served. ALL in Ft Logan need wreaths.
Jacob W Hays In memory of Juliette M. Hays, Sylvia M. Brethauer & Manuel D. Herambourg
Jacob W Hays In memoory of William M Smedberg
Jacque K Paul
Jacqueline L Horne For a vet from a vet ?
Jacqueline R Schwanke
Jacquin August In memory of John C August, 02/01/1934
Jaime W Davis
James  Erickson For all those that served our country
James & Marion Moore We honor their service as we can never express our appreciation adequately.
James Ball For all who gave to protect our country, including my dad & father-in-law
James Bristow Thank you for your service, sacrifice & commitment to our country.
James Clark
James Freeland Forever grateful.
James Hannon USAA is proud to support this effort to honor veterans.
James Jones We will Never Forget You-Jim and Faye J.
James Komadina God bless our veterans.
James Krause
James Kricker To all veterans with heartfelt thanks for your service.
James Mack In honor of my brother, Lt. Col. Tom “TJ” Mack
James Martin
James Morgan
James P Venable
James Pehrson To honor those who sacrificed for your Freedom.
James R Ciuffetti
James Randall I hope all veterans get a wreath this year wherever they are buried.
James Skogen Thank you for the ultimate gift of selflessness!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019!
James T Leclear
James W Rockwood Thanks for all you gave.  From one veteran to another!
Jamie Liverseidge Thank you for your service!
Jamie Lowry God bless America.
Jan Kardatzke
Jane D Vernig
Jane Hoagland
Jane Johnson
Jane L Bailey In loving memory of our Dad, Wayne Paege, and all who served for our country!
Jane L Packer In honor of Louis Pejka Packer
Jane Manderfield In honor of Col. (Ret) Wayne Skora and all other Veterans
Jane McNally In memory of my brother,  Stephen Robert Andersen – USN – 1966-1970
Jane Morong
Jane S Hicks Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Jane Sievers
Jane Sundling
Jane V Gray
Janet Beavers In honor of our dads
Janet Gaines
Janet Gamble In loving memory of John and Betty Chalmers
Janet K Zulauf In memory of Elmer J. Zulauf
Janet L Herman To those who served.
Janet M Spence In memory of Dale, L, Spence
Janet M Taylor In memory of Clarence Edward Smith
Janet Meirs
Janet S Fish Thank you for your service. Rest In Peace.
Janet Yori I am honored to donate. My father, grandfathers &  friends have served. One of my grandfathers are buried at Fort Logan. Another a POW
Janette Heyliger
Janice E Stowe
Janice K Minnehan
Janice M Serum
Janice M Winings
Janice McClary In honor of our fathers and uncles
Janice Roberts A small gesture of honor for all who gave on our behalf.
Janie Frey Daddy, James A. Ramsey
Janis Hoskinson Thank you for all your service!
Janis R Lawson
Jannine L Joyner Thank you to all who served
Jasmin P Bratrsovsky
Jason Janne
Jay & Lori Blanchard Thank you Veterans. You are not forgotten. In memory of my Dad, Virgil M. Jester, WWll Navy Vet.We miss you, Dad, at Christmas & always.
Jay Cimino On behalf of Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center
Jay J Woodnal We thank you all for your service & sacrifices.
Jay Jacoby America would not be were it not for our Veterans who signed a blank check.
Jay Stockwell Thank you.
Jay Warburton
Jayne Bailey Appreciate your work on this project.
Jean Johnson
Jean Mitchell In honor of my Dad, Lawrence J. LaCau, MSGT (Ret.), US Army.  Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal Recipient
Jeanie E Flierl
Jeanine B Anderson In honor of John P. Sims and Albertina Sims – for their dedication and spirit both away and at home!
Jeanne Benson Those buried in this cemetery gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.  I don’t want these brave men to be forgotten.
Jeanne E Koss In loving memory of William & Elizabeth Cowles
Jeanne M Miller In memory of Raul Barela, US Air Force
Jeanne S Meyer In honor of Dad – Col Charles A.  Snoden
Jeanne Tweedy Thank you for protecting our freedom.
Jeff A Akers Forever in our hearts.  Thank you for your service.
Jeff Garner A small gesture to those who gave everything!
Jeff Hill
Jeff Kronewitter
Jeff Ridder
Jeffery Wendover, Sr.
Jeffrey E Beavers Never Forgotten
Jeffrey Johannes
Jeffrey M McCann
Jeffrey R Hibbach In memory of Bob Speral
Jeffrey Rosendahl
Jeffrey S Marten
Jeffrey Walter
Jenessa Hunter In memory of Zachary Capra
Jennifer A Pointer
Jennifer A Pointer
Jennifer A Rakoczy In honor of my dad, Alphonse, who fought in WWII & my brother-in-law, Jeff Smith.  Both are resting in peace in  Santa Fe, NM.
Jennifer Alvarez God Bless all those that have served & are serving.  Prayers of love and comfort for all the military families this holiday season.
Jennifer C Heery
Jennifer E Townson
Jennifer Gessner
Jennifer Goodfriend
Jennifer H Krieger
Jennifer Hitzemann With much gratitude for the sacrifices made for our feedom
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer M Walje In loving memory of Grandpa, James R. Hazzard, Grandpa & Grandma Olsen & Grandma Geneva Abkes
Jennifer Rykhus
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Underwood In honor of my father (WWll)
Jennifer Varela
Jennifet R Shurtleff In memory of all our fathers that served our nation with pride, dedication and commitment.
Jennings Hanchey
Jerad Davis
Jeremy Anderst For our Grandpas that served in WWII – Charles & Glen
Jeri Godby In memory of the love of my life, Bill Godby.
Jerilyn Fortune
Jerri & Ruth Turner
Jerri & Ruth Turner
Jerri L Stokes Thank you!
Jerry & Alice A Oney
Jerry A Callaway
Jerry L Conger
Jerry R Brubaker Thank you for your service.
Jerry T Harris
Jess T Nadelman Veterans, especially those who gave their life, should be the most honored of all of our citizens.
Jesse V Rivera God bless my father, Jessie V Rivera, Sr, & all the heroes he shares the Earth of Our Lord.
Jessica F Gonzales In memory of Ascension Gonzales. Love & miss you Dad. Merry Christmas in heaven.
Jessica Hayek
Jessica J Angeline Thank you for protecting us! God Bless and Merry Christmas.
Jessica R Sorensen Please honor our beloved veterans.
Jewel M Beach Donald A Beach (WWII Navy QM CVE 29 USS Santee) lies with wife of 65 years, Virginia Dare Beach.
Jill D Wooten
Jill Russell
Jim & Barbara Ambuehl
Jim Martin
Jim McCoy
JL Webber
Jo Ann Soriano My father was at Normandy.  You are also a hero.
Jo Anne Smith
Jo Coleman Never forget.  Thank you for your service.
Jo Ramsay, LLC In Memory of Garth Ramsay
Jo Shankel
Joan Burkett We want to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms.
Joan Griep In memory of my brother, Charles D. Marcus
Joan Lawson
Joan M. Jackson
Joanie McDonald
JoAnn A Madorran
JoAnn Jeslis-Cormaney Thank You
JoAnn P Barham In memory of my father, William Anton Pomper, interred at Ft. Logan. And, in memory of all the others who gave up their lives for freedom.
JoAnn Raley
Joanne Dunham
Joanne K Schenck In memory of my husband, CMSgt Steven G Schenck
Joanne K Schenck In memory of CMSgt Steven G Schenck (Ret.)
Joanne L Cooper
Joanne M Blackwell Have Faith & TRUST IN  GOD.
Joanne Payne
Jody M Wathier We can never fully express our gratitude for the sacrifices of these men & women .
Jody M Wathier We can never fully express our gratitude for the sacrifices of these men & women.
Joe & Julie Wysocki
Joe Arbuckle
Joe Babish In honor of John Babish & Paul Mc Shane
Joe Lavigne
Joe Nussbaum
Joe Paura United States of America!!
Joe Thiessens To all my brothers in arms, thank you for your service.
Joel Draper Thank you for your service.  God Bless & Merry Christmas.
Joel Flores Always Remembered. Never Forgotten. Semper Fidelis.
Joey Chavez To the iron souled infantry brothers of 5/20 Inf.
Johanna C Irby
John & Beverly D Huntsman Never forgotten
John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son,so that whoever believes shall not perish, but have eternal life.
John A Claflin
John Aleksivich Blessed are those who selflessly served that we may enjoy liberty and freedom.
John C Penney To honor your service to country and our freedoms
John Cass Gone but not Forgotten.
John Davis
John Double
John Frothingham
John Gunning
John H Miller
John J Richardson
John Jacobus We should never forget their sacrifices.
John Julian In honor of my father, Frederick Julian
John Klemencic In honor of CW4 Victor Klemencic
John Ley For my father-in-law who lays in rest here in CO. He was a Korean War & Vietnam War veteran & retired as a Sergeant Major.
John M Banman In Memory of Anton Banman from his grateful family
John M Nelson
John Morrissey After hearing a terrific interview on KOA this morning, I am proud to offer these wreaths in memory of my dad CWO Thomas H Morrissey.
John Niesel We honor the memory of all who have served our Country. We are forever grateful.
John Peck
John Powner
John Probasco In memory of Perry & Juanita Probasco & John Maldin Jones, 08/21/1919
John R Betts, Jr. In memory John R Betts
John R Betts, Jr.
John R Comita
John R Dietzler
John R Marsh
John Ringelberg
John Salvatore In honor of my dad, Carl Salvatore, laid to rest at Ft Logan, Denver.  A wonderful father, husband & grandfather.
John Shramek For my dad, William J. Shramek, veteran…1925 – 2018
John W. Rold, Lloyd Sharp
John S. Hutchins &
Jonathon B Krape Thank you for your service & sacrifice for our Country.
Jonathon Krape
Jonell McGovern
Joni Pike
Jonn K Honaker
Jonye Simpson Never Forget!
Jose L Dominguez
Joseph & Susan R Cross
Joseph E Goulart
Joseph P Graves
Joseph R Gunderman U.S. NAVY VETERAN
Josephine Arwood
Joy M Dunphey We honor your sacrifice.  RIP
Joy Watkins My husband, Ivan Stephen Watkins, served nearly three years U.S. Navy World War & is buried at Fort Logan.
Joyce A. Martin
Joyce E Sandau
Joyce M Merkle Thank you for your  service. God Bless.
Joyce Martin
Joyce Toms
Juan Calderon
Juanita Brown In memory of Douglas P. Brown
Judi Brown
Judith Gorham Dad,  we thank you for your service and will miss you forever.
Judith I Retz In honor of Robert Randy Retz
Judith I. Retz
Judith J Iannacito Thank you for this program honoring our veterans. My parents are interned at Ft. Logan.
Judith Lohman To honor my father, Eugene J.D. Clymer, & 6 other service members. Thank you all for your service!
Judith Pompieri
Judith Townsend
Judith V LaChat God Bless our Veterans.
Judy A Christensen In honor of Staff Sergeant Jose Eliseo Vallejos & Lester Carl Christensen & all who served.
Judy Ehrlich In honor of my dad, Harvey A. Ehrlich (WWII) who passed 10-18-17.
Judy L Moore In Honor and Memory of our hero Spec. Rob L. Nichols, Afghanistan, 7/23/2013
Judy L Simmons
Judy McGuinn
Julia A Tarpley Thank YOU for your service & may you Rest In Peace.
Julia I Murphy Thank you for your service.
Julia L Wyatt May it be said “Well Done. Be thou at peace.”
Julie A Baltes
Julie A Berke For my children’s great grandparents, Glenn Fox & Elizabeth Fox and Gramma Glenna Doe (Fox)
Julie A Carson At the going down of the sun & in the morning, we will remember them.
Julie A Gabbert
Julie A Kenkel
Julie A Miller In memory of Robert J Wilmott
Julie Canales
Julie M Branting
Julie M Cheeseman
Julie Miller In memory of Floyd R Miller
Julie Olson
Julie Rosenthal
Jurgen Schwanke
Justin A Copeland In memory of Sgt. Walter Copeland Jr. & Allegra Copeland
Justin Rufa In memory of Major Steven Beaulieu USAFA C/O 2009.  You are never far from our thoughts.
Justin Schuvie In honor of my Father Army SS Gregory H Schuvie who is buried at Ft Logan. Thank you for your service Dad & Merry Christmas.
Justin Schuvie
Kaille E Mazurowski In memory of Marilyn J. Beckman
Kaille E Mazurowski
Kamille Hockman
Kammee Stewart
Karan E Griffith To my Grandpa Wilson. When you honor one, you honor all!
Karen A Malabre We honor our fallen Colorado military men and women.  Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.
Karen A Richwine
Karen A Sheldon
Karen A Slocum
Karen Braboy
Karen Davies
Karen E Holton
Karen Foster
Karen Gerlich In memory of Leon H Gerlich
Karen Gress Thank you.
Karen Hamilton-Smith In honor of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
Karen K Schipper You gave your life for our freedom.Thank you for our freedom. Merry Christmas.
Karen L Harris
Karen L Leddy Bob Leddy:  My husband & best friend forever & a day
Karen L Leddy John Pankoff Jr.  I love you Daddy. Your little girl, Sweetie!
Karen L Leddy Bob Leddy:  I love you always, Babe; forever and a day;  lived & died with dignity
Karen Leddy My husband. My best friend.  Live with dignity & died with dignity. I love you forever, Daddy. Sweetie
Karen M Wiley In memory of Sidney Kent Wiley. Love you and miss you, Your wife
Karen M Wojdyla Thank you for your service to our country.  We won’t forget.
Karen Miller
Karen Nielsen This wreath is in honor of my father Alfred J. Nielsen Jr. who served in the United States Army.
Karen Oerter God Bless those that served our country.
Karen Perez
Karen R Keith
Karen S James God Bless our Veterans. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your service.❤️??
Karen Uhrich My parents are buried at Ft. Logan. My father was a WWII veteran, a fighter pilot who fought in the North African/ Italian theater .
Karen Warhola-Golas In memory of Ted Golas & Patricia J. Golas
Kari Guthrie
Karin Peters Grateful for your Service.
Karren Kowalski
Karry L Cahill These veterans earned these wreaths. I can only hope that every American can donate to this cause! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY!
Katherine H Pullen In honor of my father, Arnold L. Helton, Jr., whose final resting place is in Denver-Ft. Logan cemetary, along with my mother, Mary.
Katherine M Krape With gratitude and love
Katherine Seetch
Kathie Snoden In memory of my parents, Col. Charles A & June M Snoden, Fort Logan
Kathleen A Steinbach Merry Christmas to my parents,Bill & Irene King
Kathleen J Welsh
Kathleen Kipper-Beyes My wreath donation is in honor of Sharrell Eastin. She is laid to rest at Fort Logan in Colorado.
Kathleen N Olsen In memory of my father, Joseph Leo Nestor
Kathleen Spaulding In memory of
Kay S Berglin. Thank you for your service & your friendship.
Kathryn Farr
Kathryn G Brennan These wreaths are in memory of Joseph & Ginger Brennan.  We miss them both .
Kathryn Newman
Kathryn S Steele
Kathy & Peter Derschang
Kathy Anselmo In honor of those who gave their all – especially the Marines.
Kathy Emerson
Kathy J Chronister Thank you for your service.
Kathy Malmberg
Kathy Simmons-Orr Donated by the family of Robert D. Simmons & John R. Simmons who both served in the Korean War.
Kay L Hayes
Kayla Culver Thank you to all who have served! Our sacrafices for our freedom do not go unnoticed!
Keith E Caro I have an honorable discharge from the Army.  I served 3-years active duty and 4-years inactive duty in the Army National Guard.
Keith Thompson
Kelle D Schwartz In memory of Russell Jensen
Kellie M Mullane
Kelly D Sala
Kelly Holdridge
Kelly Mundorff
Kelnin Garfit
Kelsey Gransee Thank you for your service. Merry Christmas!
Ken & Joanne Bramble
Ken F Onufrak In memory of Leo F. Hebert
Ken Morrill
Ken W Rillings, Jr.
Ken Wolff
Kenneth Brambl,e Jr .
Kenneth J Gehring
Kenneth J Hamko I am a Veteran US Navy.  This is a great thing being done!  Thank you!
Kenneth Lubrant
Kenneth Mellin
Kenneth Peterson In honor of WWII, Viet Nam vets & our son
Kenneth R Hughes One veteran to another
Kenneth R Noll My dad is buried at Fort Logan, as well as my wife’s dad and grandfather.
Kenneth R Stultz In memory of Eugene, Geraldine, and Mikel Marty.
Kenneth Sanders In honor of Ginny’s father, Ray Mehl, who served in WWII
Kenny Finnell
Kerry E Miller In honor of my 6 great uncles who all served honorably & returned home from action in WW2
Kerry Manzo
Kevin Hambrick In appreciation for our honorable fallen.
Kevin Kelley
Kevin R McCloskey, Sr . May your next post be more peaceful than this one. For my dad, Chester A McCloskey (U.S. Merchant Service) & Nelly McCloskey(USN)
Kim Peterson Remember. Honor. Teach. I love you Dad. In memory of Allen G Hackett.
Kimberlee K Byrne
Kimberly A Hardin In memory of Clifton H Hardin.Love and miss you both – Merry Christmas Mom & Dad
Kimberly Gantner Thank you for your sacrifice.
Kimberly Graham Never Forget
Kimberly Hardin Thank you all for your service. We are forever grateful.
Kimberly Karasu Merry Christmas & peace to all!
Kimberly Shipley In memory of my brother Larry Davis, Vietnam veteran
Kory Franken In honor of our dads. Heartfelt thanks to all veterans who have served our nation with honor.
Kris Leeret Thanks for your service.
Kris Yokley Thank you Dad!
Kristen Hiatt Thank you for your service & sacrifice, protecting our freedom & keeping us safe.
Kristi Fischer You sacrificed everything for our freedom. Thank you.
Kristi Kessler Merry Christmas. Thank You for your service.
Kristi Pohly To all you served—happy holidays & God Bless!
Kristin Goodman
Kristina Wendling Thank you for your service. May we never forget.
Kristine Kamilatos In honor of my father, William Krape, who was laid to rest on October 19, 2018.
Kristine L Royer You gave all for my freedom. I thank you & pray that you are at the right hand of God . May God bless your family. Love be with all.
Kristine R Goldman To my fallen brothers, we honor you.
Kristyl R deSilva Thank you for your service.
Kristyl R deSilva Thank you for your service.
Kurt Wilhelm
Lakisha R Parker
Lana G Dennis
Lana G Dennis
Larry Bagley In Honor of Col Warren E. Best (USAF)
Larry Bagley In honor of MSGT Byron G. Bagley
Larry Brown
Larry Burkett
Larry Nelson Thank You
Larry Tieman
Laura A Bryan STANLEY J KORONKIEWICZ. Thanks for your service to keep our Country safe for Americans & your family.
Laura B Frazier God Bless All Our Veterans.
Laura Beauregard Great cause, proud to remember those who served.
Laura Carr In honor of my husband & others. Thank you to your service.
Laura J Mondragon In loving memory of my dad, Frank Medina
Laura K Van de Ven In honor of CMSGT Robert Garcia, USAF Ret, Veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  Merry Christmas!
Laura Lynch Thank you for your service.
Laura M Parker
Laura McCulley
Laura R Hanson
Laura R Keys
Laura Stanley
Laurel Robinson I pray we make the goal of every Veteran receiving a wreath!
Lauren Abernathy
Lauren C Ransom With love from two US Army Vets
Lauren Colaizzi
Lauren Fleeman
Lauren K Sly
Lauren Payne Thank you for your service.
Laurie J Sempeck
Laurie Mullane
Laurie Stupak
Lawrence E Clark God Speed.
Lawrence Olguin
Lea M Cassidy
Lea Schweiger Merry Christmas! God Bless you for your service!
Leah Brown For my father, SSGT Billy Ray Brown
Leanne Becker
Leanne Becker
Leasha D Tincler Thank you for your sacrifice.
Lee & Suecarborough Wishing every soldier gets a wreath.
Lee Ann Van Loucks Thank you to all of our veterans for helping to keep our country free and safe.
Lee Bernhard
Lee Keefe Honoring James “Jim” Keefe – a soldier, dad, grandpa, and amazing man.
Lee W Suttie
Lena T Woods
Leslea Mccolm Blessings. You will always be remembered.
Leslie & Tom S Darling Thank you so much for dedication & sacrifice  for you country. We are very grateful for you.
Leslie Paulonis To an American Hero.  May this soul rest in the peace of our Lord.
Leslie S Cress Love this. I found out about this last year. I have 2 family members at Fort Logan and I will do this every year from now on.??
Letitia Juarez Thank you for your service. We should never forget.
Letitia Mabry They deserve every honor we can give them??
Lillian Wissel In memory of Julian T. Trujillo. Thank you for your service, Dad.
Linda & Marc Chamberlain Thank you for your service.
Linda Anderson In memory of Floyd E Marmion, Wauneita M Marmion & Velma D Lyles
Linda B Jennings
Linda Boulden
Linda C Hadden Thank you each & every day for the sacrifices that you have made for our country.
Linda D Philippi We are eternally grateful to you & our family for your sacrifice! God Bless you & your loved ones. And, may God bless America forever!
Linda G Larsen
Linda H Trover
Linda Hawkinson In honor of our dad, Robert D. Anderson, laid to rest Fort Logan 2012
Linda Hochschild In Memory of Edward Hochschild
Linda J Baldini In memory of many,  in honor of all.  Thank you!
Linda J Castle Thank you, Jon, for your service to our country & for being a friend.  Rest in peace.
Linda J Dail
Linda J Martin In loving memory of my Dad,  August A. Sunagel, USMC
Linda K Dietz With our deepest gratitude
Linda K Dietz With our deepest gratitude
Linda Kirkegaard
Linda L Perry Thank you, Dad, and all veterans.
Linda L Smith Thank you for your service.
Linda M Augustine
Linda Magruder Thank you for your sacrifice.
Linda N Geist These are in honor of my husband, a Marine in the Vietnam war, & for my brother, who was a medivac pilot for the Army in Vietnam.
Linda O’Leary
Linda Oliver For James Oliver who served in Viet Nam & Wayne E Warne,r a flight  instructor World War II
Linda Olson
Linda Reiter
Linda Remley
Linda Rowley In remembrance & honor of their service, sacrifices & loyalty
Linda S Knaack In remembrance of of those who fought for our freedom.  Blessings to the families.
Linda S. Wiercinski In memory of Richard M. Ritz
Linda Verhoeven
Linda Wilton
Linda Winsett In memory of and in honor of Nolan Winsett, Jr.  (USMC) & Nolan Winsett, Sr. (USAF)
Linnea Gertsch God Bless.
Linnea J Peter In memory of Ginger Brennan and Jason Hargreaves.
Linwood D Hodgdon In honor of mom & dad ( Lin & Candy)  who are buried together here at Logan. They both served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. Miss you daily!
Lisa Albright Thank you for your service.
Lisa Alford
Lisa Haworth For all our fallen brothers & sisters
Lisa L Cernich In memory of Elisabeth M Brayfield
Lisa Rice
Lisa Silver
Liz Casey Thank you to all for your service in protecting my family & our country.
Lloyd D Rogge Thank you for All that you did. You made it possible for me to be me & free. God Bless You.
Lois Johnson In memory of a loving husband, Fletcher J. Johnson
Lois Maston In honor of Eugene Maston
Loraine Richie Thank You
Loren Johannes
Loretta A Capra
Loretta E Hetke Thank you for your service to protect our freedom.  May God Bless you.
Lori A McMullen 6 wreaths in honor of my 5 uncles & father who served in the Navy during WWII & Korean War.
Lori A Myers Thank you to all of the brave men and women, you truly are heroes.
Lori D Ladd In honor of my dad, Wally E. Diede  Thank you for your service!  Love You!Honorably Discharged Veteran – United States Marine Corps
Lori Nobel
Lori Palmer
Lori R Lee In loving memory of  Thomas Lee, James Burchinal & Donal Dean Brooks, Jr. ♥️
Lori Taylor In honor of Richard Albin
Lori Towner
Lorian Harris Thank you!!!
Lorie Zerbe For my brothers and sisters who have marched on…including Honorary First SGT Brennan Daigle.
Lorraine Timm Christopher McEwan Jr. 501-101st Airborne WWII in honor of his memory by daughter Lorraine Timm.
Lorren Pebley
Lou A Reed In loving memory of Col. (Ret) Charles W. Reed from your wife & children.  We miss you!
Louise Adams In honor of my father Robert E Taylor
LTC Ethel M. Coughlin In honor of Edward F. Coughlin
Lucille A Miller In memory of my brother, Robert Pacifico
Lucy Bergemann
Luetta J Harrison
Lyle Wallace
Lyman Wilkinson
Lynda Alexander In honor of my fellow comrades
Lynda Zaharias
Lynn Bradley
Lynn D Thompson
Lynn L McNitt
Lynn McAuliffe For my Dad  – Conrad Klock
Lynn Siedelmann Thank you and God Bless America.
Lynne Cottrell
Mac McVicker Thanks to our vets!
Mallory Garrett
Manette L Mancuso Thank you!
Marc Littlefield
Marcia Jones In honor of James C. McMurray
Marcia Morton We honor those that serve.
Marcia Murphy In honor of my father WWII veteran, Ralph Peters
Marcie Blasko
Marcy Cain In honor of Walter E  Murray, Marcella Jane Murray & Robert E Murray
Marcy J Dill In memory of James L Jensen
Margaret E Hunt In memory of Rodney Alan Connell & Warren Leon Connell
Margaret Fenger God Bless the USA. Thank you to all veterans & their families.
Margaret Heinz
Margaret King In honor of all veterans & my father who was a pilot during World War.
Margaret L Wines Thank you for honoring my husband & all the others who gave  their time and devotion to our beloved country .
Margie Morrell
Margy Malott We appreciate all our veterans!
Maria C Leone
Maria Graff Thank you for your service.
Maria T Harbour
Maria Torres In honor of my husband’s & my grandpas who are buried there.  God bless.
Marian Singer Thanking all veterans for your dedicated service.
Marianne Heaton & Darleen Safford
Maribel Proo In honor of Marc Sargent Barr, my brothe- in- law  who has passed. We miss you dearly.  ❤️
Marie Baglivo
Marie Buell
Marie Tornai-Hook
Marietta Denniston As a Wome’s’ Army Corps  vet, it is my honor to donate so other vets will be remembered too.
Marilyn A Wert In memory of Robert Kenneth Wert
Marilyn Beem
Marilyn Ficco God Bless all our Veterans.
Marilyn J Martin In honor of my father, Harry Trump, & all the brave men & women who served our country.
Marilyn L Kester
Marilyn L Stephens For my father, Louis Niles Rowland, who proudly served for over 20 years.
Marilyn Peoples
Marilyn S Johnson
Mario A Gonzales
Marion C Flowers
Marion F Biersdorf Thank you veterans for our freedoms!
Marion Terres In honor of Raymond C. Terres, husband, father and grandfather, who served his country with honor
Marissa Buzan Privileged to honor those that sacrificed for and protected us.
Mark & Linda Holste
Mark A Grobner In honor of Ginger Brennan
Mark A Holbrook
Mark A Schlechten
Mark E Craig
Mark Griffith
Mark H Hunke God Bless all of our men & women who have served our country.
Mark Hall Vectra Bank is honored to participate & provide this small gift for the sacrifice our veteran’s have made for our country.
Mark Jessop
Mark Morlock God Bless you for your service & sacrifice.
Mark N Humphreys In memory of James Noel Young & Rexine Young. May God forever bless the men &women who have served this great nation to protect the freedoms that we enjoy today.
Mark S Crane Honored to donate.
Mark Sorency
Mark Tilley There is no such thing as enough thanks.
Marla V Sexton
Marlene Furmanek-Wilson
Marshall Bosworth
Martha E Altman
Martha E Taylor
Martha Marshall In loving memory of my dad, Col. Robert C. Ripple
Martha Martinez
Martha Morgan
Martin Essigmann
Martin J Rykiel
Martin Wukich
Marty DeWitt
Mary & Chris Brennan
Mary A Kuspa
Mary A Lasch
Mary A Morrison In honor of Frank Morrison Jr.
Mary Alice Bauer
Mary Alt Geary May God Bless all those who have lost they lives so we can live ours.
Mary Anderson
Mary Ann Payne
Mary Branson
Mary Brennan
Mary C Taylor Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless You.
Mary E Cumings
Mary E Maykel
Mary E Payne
Mary F McCord In memory of Donald L Stern
Mary Gay G Towt In memory of Roy & Barbara Hackathorn buried at Fort Logan.
Mary Gay Towt In honor of my grandfather, Theodore Thulemeyer, buried at Ft Logan Cemetery
Mary Harbick In memory of Charles F. Beittel & Richard J. Schmit, 07/09/1932
Mary J Justen In honor of John H Justen
Mary Jackson
Mary Jo McCurdy Thanking all our military for their service to our country.
Mary K Humphrey I recently found out that many of our Veterans graves go without a wreath. That just should NOT happen! There’s still time to donate!
Mary K Love
Mary Kofakis
Mary Layshock
Mary LInn
Mary Lou Lambert In memory of Ralph Warren Fisher, WWII Navy Veteran
Mary McCuistion In honor of my brother, Orville N Walker, who gave his life in World War ll
Mary Pat Parker
Mary Perdue We stand by our men and women who have stood up for us.
Mary R DePace
Mary S Nolan
Mary Siebels Great friend & neighbor.  Miss him very much.
Mary Siebels Our best friend.
Mary T Talty For Patrick Talty & Vincent Talty
Mary V Speck
Maryth Blair Thank you to all deceased veterans, including my husband, Merrill Blair
Maureen A Gilbert In memory of Jeremy S. Gilbert
Maureen Hassing God Bless You.
Maureen Meisner
Maureen Schmitz In memory of Andrew Paul Orgonik
Maxine B Norberg
Maxine Ehrmann In memory of Paul J. Ehrmann, Grant Johnstone & Marilyn Johnstone. We love you & miss you. We are always thinking of you & telling stories about you.
Megan Heintz
Megan L Falzon
Megan Meyer
Melinda A Reichal In honor of all who have served
Melinda J Larsen In Memory of my Parents….John and Dorothy Mills
Melissa Adams
Melissa Brooks Thank you for your service and sacrifice. In honor that all have served
Melissa Craig Thank you for your service….RIP!
Melissa Jewell Thank you for your service.
Melissa Keller
Melissa Lawrence For our families, our friends, our country…our Soldiers.
Melissa Mitchell
Melissa Piazza We will never forget!  Thank you for your sacrifice and service!
Melody Ann Beebe In memory of my uncles, Richard M. Beebe, Robert Bender, Daniel Bender, Frank Carrigan and all my friends and relatives who have served.
Merrilee S Cady
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all who have served and their families!
Mica Dute
Michael & Ann McBride In honor of Joseph D. Rizzo, Charles D. McBride & Sebastiano A. Frocchi
Michael & Gail Higginson
Michael A Martinez Your ultimate sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you for given your all. May you rest in peace.
Michael Brady
Michael D Martin
Michael E Sahno My Brothers, You all will never be forgotten!
Michael E Saign Happy Holidays to those never forgotten.
Michael Gemeinhardt We are grateful for your service.
Michael Gemeinhardt In memory of Elmer H. Stephens &
Roy R. Reed. Proud grandchilren
Michael Graves
Michael J Tynan
Michael K. Hall
Michael L McCauley In honor of my father, LC McCauley and my good friend, Jay Lowery.  God rest them.
Michael L Sanderson Thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice
Michael L Wolfert Thank you for your service.  RIP.  God Speed.
Michael L. Carpenter THANK YOU – REST IN PEACE
Michael Leach In Memory of Francis J & Marie A Leach, USAF Retired
Michael Lind
Michael M Pendergrass Honoring our veterans at Christmas & always!
Michael Marlan What a small thing to do for one who gave so much.
Michael Mayfield
Michael McCann Love you Mom!Mike, Cindy, John, Julia, Kayleigh, Mikah, Zoe
Michael Orosco
Michael R Reeg For the good old boys!!
Michael Rosas
Michael Sherman In memory of Charles R. Drake
Michael Strickland
Michael W Saunders
Michael Wright
Michaela Duffy In honor of James Silvey & loving memory of his wife, Ingrid Silvey, & Young Min Dillon
Michele Kurvink For my dad and some of his comrades.  They gave so much for us.  Honoring Alfred Irelan, US Army, Korean POW.
Michele Mehsling In memory of our fathers and brothers buried in Indiana, Iowa, California & at sea
Michele P Laroe God bless our veterans! All gave some. Some gave all.
Michelle Gillett Thank you for your service.  May you rest in peace.
Michelle Kalbasz Heartfelt thoughts to all our veterans who have served.  May GOD continue to bless them and our glorious USA.
Michelle Kipp
Michelle L Dawson
Michelle Laffea In memory of Daryl L Laffea
Michelle Laffea
Michelle Lanigan Thank you for you service & sacrifice! And, thank you to the volunteers laying the wreaths.
Michelle Leifker Thank you for your service, bravery & sacrifice.
Michelle Liburdi We humbly thank you for your service.
Michelle Nunez
Michelle S Henderson Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Michelle W Platt
Mick L Bates We Never Will Forget.
Miguel A Vazquez
Mike & Dorie W Hoody Never Forget.
Mike & Teri Kern May God bless you & your family.
Mike Grobner In memory of Ginger Brennan
Mike Jamieson In memory of Clyde Jamieson & all the soliders who fought in World  War II
Mike Leach
Mike Snider Thank you! And happy holidays. Cheers
Milt Patnoi George was a special person who loved his fellow man.
Milton G Schreiber
Milton King Thank you for your service!
Minnie L Lucas “SSG Ronald Lucas my late husband“ I love you. All who served, protected & gave their lives for us.  I just want to say “THANK YOU”,
Mischel Hartshorn Honoring those who gave their lives for our freedom. May you rest in peace & may your sacrifices never be forgotten.
Mitzi Gardner
Molly O Mund This country owes everything to those who have served. God bless America!
Monette Brock Thank you for protecting our freedoms, liberties & constitutional rights.
Monica McKune To honor my great uncle, Louis Calvaresi
Monica Snyder God Bless our Veterans.
Monique Rodriguez
Montgomery & Linda Wilson In memory of Frank & Barbara Low
Myra Renaud
Myron F Babcock
Nadine Senn Merry Christmas!
Nanci Marr
Nancy & Mike Taylor For my Mom,  who rested at Ft. Logan  for many years before being moved to her new home  at PPNVC!  Thanks for taking such good care of her!
Nancy A Brostuen
Nancy A Bruce In memory of my father, Lt Col Avery C Bruce.
Nancy A Montville
Nancy A Schoon In honor of my Dad, Thomas Lawson & all our Soldiers.  God Bless.
Nancy and Bruce Artus
Nancy Clark In honor of Steven G. Clark and all of his fellow veterans, living and deceased.
Nancy D Roark
Nancy E Green
Nancy E Hansen
Nancy Hollen
Nancy J Oyer-Blum Thank you to all Veterans
Nancy J Zawada God bless you for your service!
Nancy James Thank you for your service.  It is an honor to contribute to this small gesture of gratitude and appreciation.
Nancy K Williamson In memory of Dennis H. Hoagland. My brother passed August 22, 2014.  I miss him so very much as we were very close.
Nancy Krause
Nancy L Machetta We thank you & remember you for your service to our beautiful country.  We are reminded … FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.
Nancy Lynch
Nancy Oliver We will never forget.
Nancy Schlechten
Nanette Adler God Bless them all for their courage and strength.  So glad we can do something to honor them.
Naomi L Montoya
Nate Custard
Nathan, Sara & Alex MIrabile In memory of our grandfather and great-grandfather Donald Mirabile (12/06/1935)
Nathaniel C Lynn
Neol K Simpleman Thank you for your service.
Newell D Moy
Nic Leidich
Nick Brennan In loving memory of Ginger Brennan
Nicole Meyer In honor & memory of Robert Brannon
Nicole Taylor Everyone deserves to be honored.
Nina J Halloran
Nora Joyce-Green Eternally grateful citizen
Noreen Colonese Thank you & Merry Christmas.
Norine Hemphill
Norma K Davis
Norma Lamb For our fathers and for all those men & women who have protected our freedoms, we thank you.
Norma Robinson
Norman Cole
Now at Ft Logan: Mother& step-father(Navy), brother(Army); in a few years: another brother(Navy) and my wife & I (Air Force).
Otto B Martinson
Our veterans deserve the best. Rest In Peace. We’ve got the watch.
Paige Lacy-Severa
Pam Fey Thank you for your service and commitment for our country.  May this wreath bring you comfort in knowing that  you are not forgotten
Pam J Smelker Thank you for your service.  God Bless.
Pamel C Mastro
Pamela Donnelly
Pamela Foland
Pamela Heimann In memory of Robert G Hall Sr.  WWII and Korea. Miss you dad.
Pamela J Arnold In memory of my dear Uncle Mike Esmoil who served in Vietnam.
Pamela J Chavez In honor of my father, Robert Lee Arthur Chavez, & my mom, Barbara Gene Chavez
Pamela J Gerlick Till we see you again
Pamela Manning
Pamela S Brunetti
Pamela Williamson
Pat & Anna Pappalardo
Pat & Richard Eichenblatt In honor of Lt. Kenneth L. Olson.   We love and miss you.
Pat Schmitz For my brother
Patricia & Larry L Lungren Thank you for your service.
Patricia A Payne God bless them all.
Patricia A Spindler
Patricia A Taubler In memory of Thomas P Taubler
Patricia A Young
Patricia Beatty
Patricia Best Senper Fi
Patricia Brett
Patricia Demkovich
Patricia DeRoia In honor of Jack & Joe Bigus
Patricia Fannin In honor of Ginger Brennan
Patricia G Gervell In honor of my father, Col William  A Gribble, & all others who fought for our great country to preserve our freedom
Patricia G Metrolis Rest in Peace, Tech Sgt, Charles E Metrolis, Viet Nam War
Patricia J Weis Thank You For Your Service Mom and Dad.
Patricia Jones
Patricia Langworthy
Patricia Mullen Thank you for your service to our Country.
Patricia Philips
Patrick Bredenberg
Patrick Kane
Patrick Murphy Bless all that have served.
Patrick W Finnegan This honors my wife, Marilyn, Classmates, Scottie Albright & Jim Steadman.
Patrick Walston Merry Christmas Dad & Tim & all of the Veterans with you. We are forever grateful. May God bless you all.
Patti M Barnes I honor all the veterans who served & are serving our country. God Bless.
Patti McNeil In honor of my brother, Stephen Adler. Merry Christmas to all Veterans and families ♥
Paul & Mary Shaffstall
Paul Beninati Thank  you for keeping America safe.
Paul Girard God bless you all.
Paul R Berry
Paul R Davis
Paul S Smith In honor of my father, Arthur M Smith, & my Uncle Ronald Gierwatoski who Rest In Peace at Ft Logan National Cemetery.
Paul Tweedlie
Paula French
Paula Harlan In remembrance of my dad, Buddy Jones, & husband, David Harlan
Paula K Underwood Honor Our Veterans and their Families Never Forget their Sacrifices
Paula L Canning
Paula Quintan
Paulette J Cittadino There is nothing nobler than risking your life for your country.
Paulette S Marshall In honor of my father
Paulina Deitrick Liberty Common High School Ambassadors Club is honored to be able to make a small contribution to this beautiful project. Thank you!
Peace be with you.  We will never forget.
Peg P Padgett We thank God for You and You for your Service!
Peg Roddy From my heart, thank you to all the men and women who make America the greatest country in the world.
Peggy A Fyles In honor of all of our veterans.
Peggy H Womac For Roy Lee & all who served: Thank you for your service & sacrifice.
Peggy Johnson
Penny Gage
Peter Foster God bless those that gave their lives for our country & our family.
Peter Gunderson We must never forget.
Peter L Hall For my dad, Leroy Hall
Phil Gust In honor of my father’s & two brothers’ military service
Philip Dulmage
Philip Gotlin Keep America great
Philip Pollock We will never forget your sacrifice.
Phillip Castagneri
Phyllis A Alleman God Bless them All.
Pikes Peak Assn. of Realtors, Inc.
Priscilla Negreanu
Priscilla Perez
Qilly Parker Thank your for your service!!
Rachel A Kibbey Grateful for your service
Rachel Rittenhouse Forever grateful for your service. In loving memory of Patrick Donnelly, Ernest Donnelly & Kenneth Lewis
Ralph Pahel God bless Mom & Dad.
Ramona Richers
Rampart Supply, Inc.
Randy Eisen
Randy Wartner Frank & Shirley Wartner –Mom & Dad Rest in Peace
Raymond Hubbard God bless our fallen heroes.
Raymond W Crist Thank you for your service.
Rebecca Berkley Love our Soldiers.
Rebecca Covill In memory of Robert L Major. To honor you, Dad, & all veterans.
Rebecca Drefahl Thank you to all the vets around the country who have served and serving now. This is for my dad, husband & other members of the family
Rebecca J Barvinchak These wreaths are donated in the name of my father, Lieutenant Colonel Keith Bennett, who was just laid to rest in the USAFA cemetery.
Rebecca Johnson In memory of my father,  William J. Van Vactor & husband, Larry R. Johnson
Rebecca Johnson In honor of all veterans, thank you for your service.
Rebecca Klatt Thank you for your service. May you rest in peace.
Rebecca L Wheelersburg In honor of our Fathers who served in WWII.
Rebecca Winters
Regina M Meyer In honor of Chauncey Radwanski Stanley Exeter & Harold Meyer
Reid A Rowles The way I honor thosecthat have fallen at Christmas.
Renate Grenier
Rene C White In honor of my mother, Norma Mayotte
Rene’ R Chatham Thank you for your service.
Renea Hamilton
Renee Cain Thank you for your service.
Renee Lee
Renee Rasmussen
Renee Swickard In honor of my Dad, Wade Harris who was in the 101st Airborne. Sending blessings and love.
Renita Munanka
Reta Braun In honor of my brother, Bob, my son, Bryan, and my daughter, Merry
Reuben Ybarra Thank you for your service to our country.
Rhonda J Smith
Richard & Linda Gustafson
Richard A Kramer From a Viet Nam vet, thank you for your service.
Richard B Henderson
Richard Biddle God bless you for your service and sacrifice.
Richard Bowen For my father & all others that served this nation.
Richard C Savage God Rest their souls.
Richard D Findlay In honor of my father and uncle, both WWII vets.  And, in honor of the brave men an women I served with during 32 years in the military.
Richard D Speiser
Richard Goeglein Thanks for you service!
Richard Hollar We want to honor the lives of the men & women who served our nation. Their courage & dedication should never be forgotten.
Richard J Toner
Richard Kanemoto Our  heartfelt appreciation to all who served
Richard L Sauer To Dad: It is because of you & all the men and women who served so the people of this nation stand free. Love from all of us
Richard L Thompson Thanks for your service.
Richard Lang
Richard Lang
Richard Lee In honor of those who have served.
Richard Lurz
Richard O Goodwin Bless all veterans.
Richard P Fazio The 1973 Chickenhawks honor Nicholas T. Pallas
Richard P Fazio The 1973 Chickenhawks honor Charles E. Stallworth II
Richard R Gebhardt Always loved and never forgotten! Miss you!!
Richard R Hamilton
Richard R Johnson
Richard Sauer on Behalf of: = Lt Col Richard L Sauer
Richard W Bennett
Richard W Elmore
Richard W Love In memory of Dad & Doug. My deepest gratitude to all that have served.
Rick & Ellen Brune Thank you for your service.
Rick Ash God bless all who serve, have served & those who made the ultimate sacrifice for those of us at home.
Rick L McDaniel Roy & Dorsie McDaniel with LOVE
Rita Cook Thank you for your service .RIP Rita
Robbi R Dollar Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country ♥
Robert & Marlene Brinkman In honor of our brother, Master Sargent Harry A. Westbrook USMC retired. A nineteen year old machine gunner on Nov 27, 1950 on Hill 1240
Robert & Nancy Wilson Thanks for your service.
Robert & Robin Didion You paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can remain free.  Thank you!
Robert A Brock To remember my Dad & Papa
Robert A Herrero In honor of CSM Robert A. Herrero
Robert B Allen We honor your service and sacrifice. Thank you for securing our freedom.
Robert C Swanson In memory of Charles OT Swanson & Ruby C Swanson.  Merry Christmas.
Robert D Seeba
Robert E McClintock
Robert E Mitchell From a grateful family
Robert Fuller Thank you for your service!
Robert G Bartolo In memory of Nickolas J. Bartolo &
Frank Bartolo, 11/11/1922
Robert G Simmons
Robert Garcia
Robert Golden
Robert Haynes In memory of Robert L Mcallister LTC
Robert J Brightwell From one Veteran to another, may you never be forgotten.
Robert J Johnson
Robert J Mullikin In honor of my Brother James D. Mullikin buried at Memorial Gardens, Colorado Springs
Robert J Wrobel, Jr. Thank You for your service.
Robert L Durham
Robert Lawrence Frichtel
Robert Prochnow
Robert Reinhard God bless you & thank you for your sacrifice to our country.
Robert W Foland
Robert W Hoette
Robert Wajerski Dedicated to my wife, Shirley and my daughter, Wendy buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery.
Robert Wuest
Roberta E Halverson
Roberta Harlacher Thank you.
Roberta J Callow I wish everyone would participate & dress every headstone at Ft Logan.
Roberta Wheeler
Robin J Ciuffetti
Robin Oliver In memory of Gysgt L G Oliver, Jr.
Robin Richards For Mom and Dad.  Jerry Dee & Virginia L. Richards
Robin S Avey
Robin Valore
Robynn Fahrenbach God Bless.
Rochelle Brackney
Rodman A Germain RIP Brothers
Roger L Greenlaw & Son In memory of Captain Kenneth Greenlaw
Ron & Louetta Shiplet
Ron & Sandra Lezon
Ron Fennig
Ron Reno
Ron Villa
Ronal R Shinault
Ronald Barletta
Ronald Breitsprecher
Ronald E Yanker
Rosalind D Gould In honor of your service
Rose M Aragon-Johnson
Rose Mankowski In honor of their brave service.
Roseanna Olguin
Rosemarie Kirven
Rosemarie Sandoval Thanks Dad & Grandpa for your service to our country.
Rosemary A Kohne
Ross Kuhnle For my friend Newton (“Newt”) Smith
Roszan K Jarman-Konkel In honor of all the brave men and women that protect us all!
Roxane Marks
Roxanne Goodan In honor of our dad (Melvin C Van Lewen), mom (Alice J Van Lewen) & stepdad, Henry E Schoo.  Loving memories from your family!
Russ Ostler
Russell Engstrom Merry Christmas and thank you all for your service.
Russell Steele
Ruth A Schwartz For your service and sacrifice ❤️??
Ruth DeFoor
Ruth J Axtell This wreath is in honor of my son, Gregory Allan Axtell   US Navy
Ruth J Howard In loving memory of Bud Howard.  I miss you very much.
RuthAnn Wagner
Ruthie Weick Denver, CO (Ft. Logan)
Sally A Baum In memory of my husband, Clarence Baum, Senior Master Sergeant Air Force.
Sally A Krusell In honor of my  grandfather, Robert Fhaner (Veteran) & grandmother, Maxine Fhaner
Sally Seitz
Sam & Carma Dunham
Samantha D Snellbaker
Samantha Glazer We remember.
Samantha M White Thank you for your service.
Samuel J Keiffer
Samuel W Chesnutt
Sandie Preuss
Sandra A Winslow-Barber Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for serving.  You are not forgotten & you are always in our hearts. God bless you.
Sandra D Book
Sandra Friese Thank you for your service. You are not forgotten.
Sandra G Crawford
Sandra G Gress Thank you for your service.
Sandra H Kettelhut In honor of my father who served in WWII
Sandra Hefty In memory of Anthony W Sugalski
Anthony W Sugalski. Missing our husband/ father/ papa at Christmas.
Sandra J. Archuleta In memory of Charles Archuleta
Sandra K Pettigrew In memory of Art & Linda Halverson
Sandra L Birkby
Sandra Lomeli Thank you for your service.
Sandra Miller
Sandra Olson
Sandra Spomer
Sandra Valadez Salas
Sandra Williams In honor of Robert L. Lowe & Cecil E. Weber
Sandra Winsett In honor of our fathers
Sandra Y Romero Thank you all for your dedicated Service & our Freedom! God Bless each & everyone of you & May you Rest In Peace. God Bless America ??
Sandy Beatty
Sandy Graber
Sara E Horn From one veteran to another, you will never be forgotten. God Bless.
Sara L Collabolletta In memory of Kennth K. LewisI Miss you so much!! Love your daughter Sara
Sara Weninger To the family of Ginger Brennan, we are very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Sarah Trout
Sasha B Montney With all our love and respect, we truly hold you all in our hearts. Merry Christmas xoxo
Savannah Ewton
Scott & Debbie Irvine Lovingly donated in honor of our brother/brother-in-law, Jeffrey D. Cowling.  We love and miss you!
Scott A Branam May my grave too receive a wreath when I am forgetten.
Scott Dailey .In memory of Bobby Ramey
Scott H Sturdevant I am a retired veteran honoring those that paid the ultimate sacrifice so that I have the freedom to do the right thing.
Scott Larsen
Scott M Lemmen Merry Christmas, Dad
Scott P Barrett God bless our Vets.  Thank you for your service.
Scott P Keller
Sean Crotty
Sean Dyer In the memory of our father
Seana P Womac Thank you for your Sacrifice.
Shannon D Byerly Thank you.
Shannon Pardue In honor of PFC Jacob Wykstra
Shannon Wilcox
Sharla L Krebs Thank you to each & every one of you!
Sharon C Barth Thanks to our wonderful military & their families for their dedicated service in keeping us free.
Sharon Campbell
Sharon E Lucy
Sharon Ingram
Sharon K Cox Grandad Donald remembered and loved.
Sharon L Anderson In memory of Roger Lee Bond & Stephen Clay McDaniel
Sharon L Edwards God Bless you and your family
Sharon L Northrup I come from a very military family & appreciate all that they have done to serve, especially those that gave their all.
Sharon M Sage Thank you for your service.
Sharon Menikheim
Sharon Murray
Sharon Quigley
Sharon Wathen Thank you for you service Great Grandfather Duane Pastor & all Veterans.  May God bless all.
Shawn Greenwood Thank you for your service to our country.
Sheila Vanderpool on Behalf of: = All Veterans.
Sheila Y Wright Thankyou! To all who have served this Great Country.
Shelley R Glaze Thank you for your service and god bless!
Shelley Strauss
Shelly A Johnson
Sherry Barbee-Richey
Shirl Lee Huscher In memory of our dear Mother, Shirley Ann McClay Love, Shirl Lee McClay Huscher &Laura Ann McClay Eikenberry
Shirley A Schmidt
Shirley A Straws May God Bless
Shirley Bruns In honor of my father, Harold R. Mein, & my brother, James A. Mein
Shirley J Delgado Never forget.
Shirley J Terry
Shirley Tatterfield
Shotsie Steinmiller Thank you to all the veterans and their families.
Silvia Pettem Thank you for your service to your country.
So grateful for all of our veterans and their sacrifices. God bless.
Sonja A Meyer In memory of Nathan L Meyer
Sonya Wisnesky
Stacee Swee
Stacey A Braden You are all honored and remembered.
Stacey Heaton In memory of my grandfathers, father & cousin.  In memory & honor of all who have served.  Thank you!
Stacy Pedian In memory of William G West & Albert W Sulzer. It’s an honor to not only recognize my family members, but all the heroes who fought for our great country. Thank you.
Start H Wise Merry Christmas, my hero
Stephane Stumpf
Stephanee Schlachtenhaufen
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Lindemann In honor of my United States Veteran family from the birth of this nation to present.
Stephanie Muse
Stephanie Roman In memory of Peter Monet
Stephanie Siena Thank you for your service!
Stephen & Charyl Haver In memory of Carl O Hiatt
Stephen B Hill In memory of Rudolph B. Hill
Stephen Blucher Dad/Father-in-Law was one of the original 10th Mountain Division soldiers.
Stephen Cayou Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy in America.
Stephen Dunning
Stephen F Wigginton
Stephen Joiner In loving memory of Brian Joiner
Stephen Leidner Our veterans paid for our freedoms. Many paid the ultimate price.   Ask yourself, how much do you owe them?
Stephen M Sanford Rest in Peace.  Thank you for your selfless sacrifice.
Stephen M Sonnkalb We love you and miss you. Thank you for your service.
Stephen Sandy
Stephen Sommers Your service gave us freedom.Thank you!
Stephen Vitry
Stephen Warner God Bless our Troops.
Steve A Shambach
Steve Bornmann
Steve Compton Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God bless the USA!
Steve Corneillier In honor & tribute to all veterans who proudly served their country.  I salute you!
Steve Mellinger
Steve Petso In memory of Thomas Petso, Gary Wyckoff, Sharon Pizer, Jeffrey Clark & all veterans.  RIP.
Steve Travnicek
Steven A Jorgensen In honor of Cpl. Eugene E. Dyck & all the others that have served our country.
Steven Bennett God Bless Their Service
Steven Cochran
Steven D Lasker Always remember.
Steven E Ray In honor of Farrel Hobbs, a wonderful friend & a man who served his country well
Steven F Burgess We honor those who have served.Thank you for protecting our freedoms – Home of the free because of the brave.
Steven George
Steven Johnson God Bless & thank you so much for your service. Our lives are better because of you.
Steven L Lundgrin God Bless America & all those who serve and who have served.
Steven R Ridgeway God Bless the United States & those who have Proudly Served.
Steven Segal My father, Martin, is buried there.  July 2014–World War ll Veteran
Sue Obenauf In memory of Donald L. Stensrud, USAF Retired
Sue Seeley In memory and honor of Lt. Col. David J. Seeley, USMC
SueAnn VanderVieren
Susan A Marquez
Susan Anderson
Susan C Boles In memory of my Dad, Husband and Uncle
Susan C Davis
Susan C Moore
Susan Davis In loving memory of George Krynovich (1923-2016) who served his country in World War II with the 464th Bombardment Group.
Susan DiMarino
Susan E Love
Susan E Purcell In memory of Harold Linten Woods & Robert J P Purcell
Susan Gray Bless all who have or are currently serving.
Susan Higdon In honor of my dad and brothers who served in the Navy.  Thank you to everyone who served.
Susan Hunt In memory of Thomas E Hunt  – 1st wreath In honor of 1st LT Dylan Slizewski, USAF
Susan J Markham
Susan Jensen
Susan Johnson
Susan K Allnutt Thank you for your sacrifices.
Susan K Goodyear In memory of Dwight W Kohs
Susan K Learned To all the  Veterans who made the ultimate Sacrifice for our Country. Merry Christmas.
Susan K Sevitts Woiwode God Bless you and your sacrifice- you are not forgotten!
Susan L Broz To All Veterans
Susan L Sissel Rest in peace, warrior.
Susan Larson-Cooney
Susan M Saad A beautiful honor for our vets!
Susan M Saad A beautiful honor for our vets!
Susan Proffitt In memory of  Stephen B. Proffitt. RIP, Love Little Sis
Susan R Mahoney
Susan Rizza This is so great. Come on friends…. for all they did for us!!
Susan Sauers In memory of my dad. Sgt. Charles F. Williams.  USAF. Korea
Susan Smaldone In honor of Ginger Brennan & remembrance of Paul Distefano.  May they rest in peace & in the presence of God.
Susan Stenman In memmory of John N. Stenman & George T. Davis
Susan Tross
Susan Walker
Susanne Conly
Susanne Corcoran
Suzanne Ballard Thank you for your service.
Suzanne L Doggrell
Suzanne M Carroll Gone but not forgotten. We honor your service to our great Nation. Rest In Peace.
Suzanne Matel
Suzanne O’Brien-Hillis Thank you for helping to honor those that have fought for our freedom! Never forget!
Suzy & Bill Farrell
Suzy F Deger These wreaths will honor our fathers who served in World War II.
Sylvia Duncan God Bless our soldiers.
Sylvia M Mathis
Sylvia M Mathis
Tahnee Lochhead
Tamara D Lacy In memory of Stephen D. Pickerill. Miss you everyday.
Tamela Groce
Tamera Hendrickson
Tami L Sisneros In honor of all of our service men/women & their families at Ft. Logan, my own mother & other family members included.  Thank you!
Tammi Barnes Proud to do my part. My dad was a Marine. All soldiers deserve to be remembered at Christmas. God bless!
Tammie Wieland
Tammy A Armstrong In loving memory of Jack & Ruth!
Tammy J Manning
Tammy L Bowers
Tammy Wheatley In honor of our beloved parents, Ada & James Wheatley, & our brother James Wheatley!  Never forgotten & forever in  our hearts!!
Tamra Anderson
Tamra Anderson
Tana Beall
Tanya Stocking God Bless – We love TATA. . .”Be good & avoid Evil”
Tara L Just
TD Lucy
Team Dave Logan
Ted Knott
Ted Vonderheid
TENS Unlimited Inc TENS Unlimited Inc. is a Durable Medical Equipment provider for Tricare patients & would like to give back to Veterans for their service.
Teresa Claypool
Teresa Iredale In memory of my mom, Geraldine Staggers, buried at Fort Logan Cemetery.
Teri Styers
Terre Perry To all those brave men and women who have sacrificed life for their country to be free!!  I am proud to be part of a military family!!
Terri & Steve Bartunek
Terri Raso In memory of Donald E Vasconcellos
Terri Terry
Terrill King In memory of Robert Hamm.  Thank you to all those who have served and serving now.
Terry & Marie Hisle Thank you from our hearts for your service & sacrifices. We live in a country that is free because of you.
Terry & Patsy Franz
Terry and Susan N Doyle GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Terry Devlin
Terry M Porter We will never forget  you.
Terry Winslow
Terry Winslow
Tessa M Ramos Thank you all for your service and God bless.
Thank for your service ❤️
Thank you & God Bless all our Veterans.
Thank you all for your dedication and service.
Thank you all for your service.  We will never forget.
Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice.
Thank you for your sacrifice.  May Christ be with you always.
Thank you for your selfless sacrifice.  God bless you.
Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your service!
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for your service.  Rest in peace.
Thank you for your service. Merry Christmas.
Thank you for your service. Rest in peace.
Thank you for your service. You will never be forgotten.
Thank you from my heart.
Thank you so much for your service.  We are forever indebted.
Thank you to all those people that donate their time & resources & to the family of and servicemen/women all over the world.
Thank you to all veterans.
Thank you to all who have sacrificed for our freedom.  We appreciate & thank you for your service.
Thank you to all who have served & all who still serve. It is because of you that we are the The Land of The Free and Home of The Brave.
Thank you to all who have served.
Thank you to all who served.  Merry Christmas.
Thank You!  From a fellow vet.
Thank you, dear veteran.
Thanks to all that have served sacrificed for & our freedom.
Thanks to all Veterans who have made our freedom possible.
Theodore C Link
Theresa Inman For my sister, Jami, who proudly serves in the Navy.
Theresa R B Dorsey Thank you for your service & the  sacrifices  your family had to make  to support you.
Theresa Rasmussen
Theresa Reece Thank you for everything you & your families sacrificed for our country, Happy Holidays.
Thomas A Daniels Please place 1 on my father’s grave, Joseph W. Daniels grave # Q-1395.
Thomas A Dunham To honor all of our veterans who have fought so bravely for our country. In honor of our family members who honorably served.
Thomas Chichester In honor of my brother John’s buddies that sacrificed their lives in Vietnam.
Thomas D Howard Thank you for your service.
Thomas E Walsh
Thomas Eckes
Thomas Guetz
Thomas H Evans
Thomas Horam
Thomas J Aljinovich
Thomas J Berry
Thomas J Capra In honor of Joseph and Barbara Capra
Thomas L Gill We will never forget you.
Thomas M Lawrence In memory of George P. Lawrence & Herbert S. Schneider
Thomas Wolfe Thank you!
Tia Jones For the Townsend/Krape family
Tiffany Severson Thank you all for your Service & Sacrifice!!
Tim Allen In memory of Thomas Broomhead, Travis Selinsky & Brandon Selinsky
Timothy D Williamson I love you & miss you.  Merry Christmas ,Dad.
Timothy J Dillon
Timothy J Farner
Timothy L Jones
Timothy S Delcupp Most Grateful
Tina M Hosford
Tina S Boeckman
Tmothy J Moorman
To all the veterans who went before us and all of the ones who will come in the future. Your services is deeply appreciated.
To my dear husband Gary Ramert, miss you so much! Merry Christmas!
Toby J Heffner
Tod Fitzke
Todd Martin
Todd Phelps
Tom & Lynda Shirk
Tom Burke
Tom E English In honor of our veteran fathers are both buried in Ft. Logan
Tom Gainer It is our honor to participate in this noble cause. May the families of theses heroes find peace & may their love one rest in God’s hands.
Tomacita Montoya Blessings and Peace In memory of Trinidad Montoya,
Richard Morehead & George Whatley
Tomas F Alires
Toni McGregor
Tony & Jennie Rodasta
Tony Casey
Tony Guitron Thank you for your sacrifice. May it never be forgotten. Without the sacrifice you so freely gave, we would not have the freedom we have now.
Tony Young
Tony Zakhem To my hero Martin Brusse, “Goose” (WWII 10th Mountain Division)
Tonya Billinger Never forgotten
Tonya R Manalo Always a pleasure to express our heartfelt gratitude for the many sacrifices our military men and women have given to secure our freedom.
Tracey L Mullis
Traci Dyck Thank you for your service and everything you sacrificed.
Tracy & Faith Howard
Tracy J Hutchins In honor of my brother (Navy), Step-dad (Navy), my  uncle (Army), best friend (Army) , Gen. Paul A. Weaver (Air National Guard) & my Boss
Tracy K Gershaw
Trina Harris
Trish Guerrero For my husband’s brother, Tony Florez who is buried in Rocky Ford, CO.  Tony died in Vietnam in 1968 at the age of 19.
Troy Lennen
Trudy Boudreau
Twyla Hollister In memory of Joseph B Dodds
Ursula Price
Valaree Frizzell
Valeria Epley Thank You to all our veterans for your service. God Bless You All.
Valerie Young
Vaness Holland God Bless! Thank you for your service!
Vanessa Cunningham
Vectra Bank
Vel M Dorau
Vernon E Castle In honor of my friend, Rich Peyton, & all fallen vets.  You died for our country &, for that, I will be forever grateful.
Vicki Bafus Let’s not forget ANY of our Veterans!
Vicki Buchmann
Vicki J Blakney
Vicki Johnston In honor of Ed “Poppa” Hall.  Thank you for your service, love and miss you.
Vicki P Byrne
Vicki Randash Thank you for your service.  God bless you!
Vicki Stratford
Vicki Young
Vicky M Anderson In memory of a great dad, son, uncle & husband, Loyd Mouchet
Vicky Sketers God bless you.
Vincent Bernatis With deepest respect from the Veterans, Guard members, Reservists, family members, and allies of U.S. Bank Proud to Serve-Denver
Virginia F Cable
Virginia Likeness
Virginia O Higgins In memory of David H. Higgins
Virginia Slaughter Slaughter Roofing Company
Vivian J Walby God Bless our veterans & God Bless America.
Vivian Kerns WIth 3 members of family buried at Ft. Logan, I am happy to see them & others honored.
Wade & Angelique Hardin-Cassel Thank You for Your Service✝️
Waleska I Houlditch May God Bless you all for your service & sacrifice for this great country!
Wanda J Neher Thank you for sacrificing all to protect our country.
Wanda J Toney
Wanda Lowell
Wanda Shoff Please place this on Francis “Pete” Landry’s grave at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Colorado Springs, CO
Wanda Shoff Thank you for your service
Warren W Kuchel In honor of Stan W. Kuchel, my friend, mentor, teacher & father
Wayne & Susan Gilstrap Thank you for your service.
Wendy L Pratt For my parents, John & Marie Nelson & all who served. From Bruce & Mary Nelson & Wendy & Steve Pratt.
Wendy Pratt on Behalf of: = John & Marie Nelson
Weston & Mary Mauz
Whitney Hey
Whitney Tinius My father who is an army veteran died in July & is awaiting final internment at Arlington National Cemetery. I’m donating in his honor.
Will Coffield
William A Dragon God Bless.
William A Hatcher
William A Mager Thank you for your Service.
William C Chandler Thank you for giving your life for our country.  God Bless You.
William C McKnight
William Crimmel
William G Lomelino Thank you for your service.
William James God Bless You
William Kenner In memory of William E Kinney & William H Kenner.Thank you for your service.
William Linenberger Thank you for your service.
William Mael
William N Lindsay III God Bless you & thank you for your service for all of us.
William R Rhodes
William Robertson
William Salani On behalf of my parents- Al & Margaret Salani
William Slater
William Spitz
William Wesner They live on in our hearts.
Willis N Kelly There are not enough word’s.Thank you.
With heartfelt thanks!
With sincere gratitude for your service and sacrifice
Wyman C Stacey Thank you for your service.
Yolanda Estrada
Yvette M Vreeman
Zachary T Wilson Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  God bless you & your families. Watch over our solders currently serving.
Zelinda Brown
Zina E Robinson