2019 Wreath Donors

Agnes Zaragoza Garcia God Bless all our Veterans
Angela Marzan In Honor of All the Fallen
Barbara Davis Miss you & love you dearly Harriette, Herman & LaVern, Q & Barb & Davis family.
Bill Kaelin
Burt Cohen For those of us who served & returned, for those who served & did not!
Chris Covino
Coleen Fischer Thank you for all you did for our country.
Connie J Acosta Ben & Mom – We love you & miss you greatly. Love Kani & Miguel
Connie L Guerriero
Constance M Ross Your service will never be forgotten, nor taken for granted.
Dan Connell
Dana Strayer With love, in memory of Hank.
Danielle Tadlock In honor of Roderick P Whalen & Garland G Whalen
Dave & Ann Green
Dave J Savage God Bless those who served!
Dean Anway
Debbie Gregory
Dee Chisholm Thank you for your service, just sorry it was the ultimate sacrifice.
Denise Logan
Dennis Gardner In honor of our aunts & uncles laid to rest at Ft. Logan National Cemetery.
Diane J French In honor of my deceased husband, Terry, a Vietnam Vet.
Donna M Davidson Thank you for your service.
Dwight Wolfe
Ernie J Romero
Gary Barbaro To honor those who served with us in Viet Nam
God bless you.
Gregory Westlake For Edward L., Albert F., & Albert F Westlake, Jr.
Helga Geray Thank you for doing this!
I thank you for your service.
James Kewley
James L Peterson
Jane Hoagland
Jason S Boyd
Jayna Lang
Jessi Romero In memory of my grandfather, Gilbert Romero.
Jill Russell
Jim Bollinger
John Kotula
John Wright Although paid for by me, this is from Major General John Alden Crane, my grandfather & namesake.
Judi Brown
Judith A Hogan
Judith A Sterrett
Karen Miller
Karen R Gray
Kathi Lavelle God be with all our Veterans!!
Kathryn Zavakos-Rocha Thank You
Kathy Zavakos-Rocha Thank You. May We Never Forget.
Kenneth J McMillan Mayy God bless America.
Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Morrow
Kimberly Summers Thank you for your service & sacrifice for our freedom. Gone, but not forgotten.
La Shaun G Andrews For my brothers, Rodrick, Garland, Kevin Whalen. Love, your sister
Linda Satkowiak
Maria C Allen Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it. In Loving Memory!
Marty DeWitt Never give up on the United States
Marty DeWitt
Maureen A Maez Our hearts are filled with tears & PRIDE for all the men & women who have given their life for this country!
Michael Marlan What a small thing to do for one who gave so much.
Michael Travis Thank You
Milton G Schreiber
Morris & Mary Jo P O’Brien We praise you for your service.
Nancy L Drost Thank you to all who have served & sacrificed.
Norm Solomon Thank you for your service, knowledge & love.
Patricia A Backes In memory of Capt. Tom Murphy & his wife, Ann.
Patricia L. Fogg-Warner
Patsy A Franz
Randy A Sigley My family served for centuries but the only casualty was my son. Semper Fideles — Semper Fi
Rex Moran For all fallen vets & best friend O.C. Thorpe who was wounded in Nam & is now buried at Fort Logan
Richard Swedberg
Robert D Knapp
Russell A Oakes
Samantha Bate
Sheri & Tony Strickhouser We are donating these wreaths in the name of Brandon Sammons who is currently serving in the armed forces. Our prayers are with him always.
Sonia F Rust In Memory of Merle W. Rust
Sonja M Williams In honor of my father, Eugene Ray Quick. Love you, Dad!
Starr H Wise God Bless & thank you for your service & our freedom.
Stephen J Kaplan Thank you from a family of veterans.
Steven M Leo For my brothers and sisters who lost their lives. RIP SSG Justin Holt & others who gave the greatest sacrifice of all.
Sue Macauley
Sue Macauley
Susan Davis In loving memory of George Krynovich, 1923-2016, who served his country in World War II with the 464th Bombardment Group.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you to all the Veterans who fought for my freedom.
Toby A Hardwick Remembering those who gave all for all of us.
Todd Martin
Wendy Leahey
With all the respect due!