Here are some things to remember regarding the ceremonies.
* Everyone of all ages are welcome. Please arrive early as parking can be an issue.
* Please respect the rules and regulations of the individual cemeteries. Cemeteries are hallowed ground.
* Our hope is that everyone would have an opportunity to place a wreath; however, we can’t guarantee that this will happen. Some locations allow for “Grave Specific” wreaths to be placed. Please check with your Location Coordinators.
* The Location Coordinators will provide instructions on where to place the wreaths as well as the protocol they would like you to follow when placing them.
* Please contact the Location Coordinator if you can volunteer to “retire” the wreaths, usually 30 days after they are placed.
We are grateful for your generosity and inspired by your patriotism. Thank you for honoring the lives of the men and women who protect the country we all love.